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Magical wedding makeup for the perfect look

Choosing the perfect wedding makeup for your special day can be overwhelming. Many styles, options and perceptions of beauty can complicate your decision-making process. We’ve prepared a guide to the most beautiful make-up styles that will make it easier for all types of brides to plan your special day…

Natural wedding make-up

The last thing you want to think about on your special day is worry about your makeup and whether it will still stay new and applied. Natural makeup is ideal for keeping a fresh look all day, with a focus on dewy skin and neutral eyeshadow. A nude lip is great for not leaving a colored stain after a ritual kiss, and it won’t go unnoticed if you don’t touch up regularly. A natural bridal makeup look is perfect as it highlights your face and makes you look amazing on your special day.

Classic wedding make-up

A classic make-up look; elegant and timeless, it is the perfect option for your big day. When achieving this look, do simple eye makeup with velvety browns and use a clean eyeliner depending on your eye shape. To soften the look even more, try a dark brown eyeliner instead of black with pink lipstick. Don’t go overboard with the bronzer either. Highlight your natural features and stay unmasked for a classic all-day appeal.

Dramatic wedding makeup

For a more dramatic style, use shades of smoky brown and use eyeliner on thick lashes. Use a pencil eyeliner for larger eyes and eye highlights. In keeping with the dramatic theme, opt for a nude lip because a thick lip might be too much for your canvas. To finish, use darker shades of eyeshadow and finish this look by applying a light bronzer to the frame of your face.

Attractive wedding makeup

The key to beautiful wedding makeup is to be relatively soft yet still feminine and attractive. A dazzling makeover will take your wedding dress to the next level and make you shine like a star at your wedding. Keep brows thick and natural for a timeless shade. Apply thick coats of mascara on both the top and bottom, and don’t be afraid to use artificial lashes if you have shorter lashes. Use and blend a copper eyeliner along the upper lash line for a soft, sultry touch and extra depth. Make sure to match your lip and cheek shade with your eyeshadow shades for a seamless finish.

Bohemian wedding makeup

Bohemian bridal makeup is the perfect romantic style for your wedding day and it’s super easy to do. Keep skin natural and hydrated, and prep it with an illuminator for radiant skin. Note the high points of your face to accentuate your features while adding some sparkle, and use a pastel rose-toned lipstick to keep makeup soft. If you’re wearing a flower crown, use shades similar to the flower arrangement for eyeshadow.

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