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Maison Francis Kurkdjian introduced the iconic Baccarat Rouge 540 series. Participating in the event, where the important names of the community life and the story of the creation and name of the perfume were told in detail, the participants discovered the indispensable work of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, which symbolizes the alchemy of the senses.

The secrets of Baccarat Rouge 540, created to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Maison Baccarat with a perfume, were revealed at an event held at Zorlu Center. In the event hosted by NeoBloom Co-Founder Birgül Ulucan Öztürk, where all the products of the series, from Baccarat Rouge 540 perfumes to body creams, scented and brightening body oils, hair sprays, household products and travel packages, were introduced, the creation story of the perfume was also told. The participants of the event, where workshops and fragrance workshops were also held, had the opportunity to meet the brand’s philosophy and try the products.

Baccarat Rouge 540, the indispensable work of Maison Francis Kurkdjian, symbolizing the alchemy of the senses, proudly carries Francis’ first and most important step in the creative process, his creative name concept. The inspired creation story of the Baccarat Rouge 540 is based on the crystal fabrication workshops. Perfume name; It is named after Baccarat, the first glass factory to produce colored crystal in France in 1839, and the dark red crystal called ‘Baccarat red’ produced in this factory. To create this distinctive red crystal, Maison Baccarat’s signature, 24-carat gold powder is added to the molten crystal and fired at 540°C. Francis Kurkdjian, who did not leave his creative approach to stories and names in perfumes in Baccarat Rouge 540, also engraves his unique inspiration and story into the name of the perfume, as always.

Baccarat Rouge 540; Eau de Parfum brings its striking scent to life with two different formulas, Extrait de Parfum, and three different sized bottles. Accompanied by jasmine and saffron in the top notes, Eau de Parfum has a middle note of cedar wood and a base note of ambroxan. With its floral wood-amber texture, the perfume gives the feeling of a very intense and luminous pathway that radiates light with all its note transitions. The middle note of Extrait de Parfum, which includes Egyptian origin Spanish jasmine and saffron in the top notes, gives bitter almond and cedar wood. In the bottom note, wood musk texture harmony is captured with ambroxan. Extrait de Parfum preserves the floral wood amber texture in Eau de Parfum.

Experience the sensations created by perfume anytime, anywhere

Baccarat Rouge 540 series, which also includes bathroom, body care and lifestyle/daily products, allows you to experience the sensations created by perfume anytime, anywhere. The collection, which contains many details such as scented body cream, scented body oil, brightening body oil and scented hair spray, brings a new fragrance density to daily care needs. Offering the greatest gesture you can make to yourself thanks to its portable design and high concentration that you can carry with you wherever you go, Baccarat Rouge 540 helps you to take your crystal-like sparkling and intense scent everywhere.

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