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Make-up removal wipes can cause wrinkles

We love make-up removal wipes because they clean effectively in one step, but they may not be very beneficial for our skin in the long run. In some cases, we may have to rub really hard with a tissue to remove traces of makeup and our skin may feel taut and dry.

Can using make-up remover wipes make our skin more susceptible to premature aging in the form of fine lines and wrinkles? We asked the experts to find out.

Can reduce humidification factors

According to experts, the use of certain makeup remover wipes can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. There are a wide variety of ingredients in make-up removal wipes, and especially those containing alcohol cause our skin to dry out. This can also reduce your skin’s natural moisturizing factors, which are important for a smooth appearance.

Experts recommend, first of all, to look for make-up removal wipes that contain skin-friendly ingredients. For example, wipes containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin C prevent dryness compared to others.

After choosing a makeup wipe that won’t cause dryness, it’s important to be gentle while applying. We have very sensitive skin in the eye and lip area that can be sensitive to products as well as chronic manipulation.

Remember, no matter how you remove your makeup, it is important to add moisture to your skin after cleansing with serums or creams.


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