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Lips are the area that attracts the most attention in face make-up. Therefore, lip care is important for a face make-up with balanced moisture. Lip gloss, also called “lip gloss”, is in a liquid form and helps the lips look lively by shining them. There are also different color options such as transparent or purple, pink, red, burgundy. In addition, strawberry, cherry, watermelon, peach or cherry flavored lip glosses are also produced. Products with a classic lipstick or ball-mouth design fit easily into makeup bags with their small size. Products that can be used plain or with lipstick are also produced in silvery. People who want to have lively and shiny lips usually prefer glittery lip gloss.

What does lip gloss do?

It makes the lips shine.

These products, which give a wet and moist appearance, make the lips look fuller, especially for people with thin lips.

Products that reveal the color of the lips make them look fuller and more attractive than they are.

Since lip gloss is produced in liquid form, it is necessary to refresh it frequently during the day.

Everything you wonder about lip gloss and usage suggestions

Lip gloss, which is among the most basic make-up products for people with thin lips, finds a place in almost everyone’s make-up bag.

Products that reflect light by giving a lively appearance can be used in daily use as they offer color options.

Exfoliating chapped or dry lips before using lip gloss provides better results. By using lip scrub or lip balm, your lips are moisturized and the product can be used after the dryness is removed.

Very bright or very dark lip gloss varieties are recommended for people who want to look assertive.

When using lip gloss, it is important to pay attention to the color of the products and to choose color tones suitable for the skin tone.

Nude tones or transparent lip gloss types can be used to make the lips look fuller.

People with thin lips can have fuller and more eye-catching lips by choosing lip plumping lip gloss.

Since the lip gloss can be wiped off the lips very quickly, a lip liner can be preferred to prolong the permanence.

Achieving a silky appearance is possible with product types that are not too sticky.

Transparent lip glosses, especially used with matte lipsticks, are one of the details that complete the face make-up.

Lip gloss is the most basic material of daily make-up as it gives a natural look. Lip gloss, used when no make-up is applied, instantly adds vitality to the face. Products that bring the beauty of the lips to the forefront by giving a light color, provide smoothness with their radiant appearance. Transparent or glittery lip gloss types, especially used with matte lipsticks, make the color of matte lipsticks striking.

Lip plumping lip gloss, which differs from normal lip gloss types, increases blood circulation thanks to the ingredients it contains, making the lips fuller. Produced by adding substances such as menthol oil, capsicum or cinnamon oil, lip plumping lip gloss shows its effect in a short time and the lips look fuller. In case the lip plumping lip gloss loses its effect during the day, the product can be used repeatedly.

Since it is a product that should be considered when applying and buying lip gloss, it is useful to obtain products with a plumping effect from reliable places. In addition, since the products come into direct contact with the skin, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product and the manufacturer.



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