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Take note of the Akkermansia bacterium, which has been called the “miracle child” in the medical world in recent years, because this bacterium has miraculous effects on human health, happiness and physical performance.

Trying to solve the chronic diseases we experience with synthetic chemical drugs is the most classic treatment we know. But in the last 10 years, we have begun to understand that the treatment of chronic diseases we have experienced begins with the intestines, thanks to the new generation probiotics and smartly chosen prebiotics, and that there are different ways of treatment.

One of the world’s leading scientists and the authors of the book “Bacterial Therapy of Cancer”; Microbiologist Ali Rıza Akın, who is known for his studies on new generation probiotics in Silicon Valley, is one of the biggest advocates of these new generation treatment methods. Because Akın, who has been researching microbiota in Silicon Valley for 25 years, is the reason why these bacteria that have been alive for billions of years since the formation of the world. says that biologically they contain the genetic codes of life, so they are of great importance, and argues that the bacterium Akkermansia will break new ground in the medical world.

Analyzing the dialogues between bacteria that have existed in the world for 3.5 billion years, trying to understand bacteria by translating the conversations between human cells into human language, Akın is known as the “bacteria whispirer” in Silicon Valley due to these features.

He spends his life discovering new types of bacteria, by catching and using these bacteria alive; All efforts of Ali Rıza Akın, who dedicates himself to serving humanity, is to treat many diseases, from cancer to depression, MS, autism, obesity, ulcers, with bacteria. Akker says that the bacterium Akkermansia, which has been focused on in recent years and called the “miracle child”, is a very important discovery on this path and that we need to talk more about it. With Ali Rıza Akın, who tries to explain that our microbiota health is our life; We talked about many things, from the healthy microbiota’s protection from cancer to its deep relationship with diseases such as diabetes, depression, MS, and autism.

As someone who has devoted his life to studying bacteria, what do you think is the importance of bacteria for our body? Have we not grasped this importance yet?

Bacteria are very important not only for the human body, but for life on earth. We all know that there are bacteria that provide nutrients to plants, but thanks to the bacteria in our microbiota, the happiness hormone is secreted, the bacteria living in the oral flora during pregnancy affect the intelligence of our children deeply, and the healthy microbiota protects us from cancer; humanity is just learning about the deep relationship between diabetes, depression, MS and autism. A person’s microbiota begins to form in the mother’s womb even before he is born, and every antibiotic and/or industrial food used by the mother-to-be deeply affects the microbiota of her child and therefore her whole life. The relationship between chronic diseases is still not fully understood, as the 5,000 kinds of bacteria that existed in our ancestors have decreased to only 300-500 kinds of bacteria today.

As a scientist who has been working in one of the few laboratories in the world that can isolate Akkermansia bacteria live and has been working in this field for 25 years, the Akkermansia muciniphila family has 7 sub-members that I have isolated. Of course, each has its advantages. With the prebiotics to be used alongside Akkermansia bacteria, you can determine which task Akkermansia will undertake. At the same time, the bacteria that this miraculous bacterium prefers to be with in order to work much more powerfully is also very important. When compatible probiotics and proven prebiotics are used with Akkermansia, it can be easier to colonize the human body.

Akkermansia muciniphila is a professor in the education of the human defense system and teaches the immune system who is enemy and who is friend to the defense system, thanks to the metabolites it has produced, it ensures the formation of integrity in human health and prevents the body from attacking itself. At the same time Akkermansia; It stops people from attacking themselves by regulating the defense system in autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s, IBD, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes, Psoriasis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It can also be a solution to today’s biggest problems such as anxiety and depression by eliminating stress.

Akkermansia and supportive prebiotics, which prevent unnecessary nutrition, that is, emotional nutrition, with its effectiveness in controlling hunger hormones, support the elimination of obesity. It also provides great support for weight control. It has been repeatedly determined that Akkermansia slows down tumor formation by awakening the dormant immune system in cancer.

What does the bacteria in our gut protect us from? Is the diversity of flora in the gut a genetic inheritance? Do some of us live healthier lives with the bacteria we inherited?

The bacteria that currently lives in our guts are inherited from our ancestors, what’s left of the bacteria in your mother’s mother and your mother’s grandmother now lives in your intestines. Of course, there are the facts of life; Not many, but three generations ago, there are now 300-500 kinds of bacteria left to us. We have destroyed and continue to destroy our bacterial diversity with the use of unnecessary antibiotics and industrial nutrition. From the super bacteria that existed in our ancestors, there are now simple, very simple bacteria that are left to us. The job of a heart surgeon is still being done, but think of it as a janitor now.

Because of this; all diseases are increasing day by day. You’ll see this when you go to the oncology ward of any hospital, and almost all patients have been given early warnings of intestinal problems (the microbiota). Of course, the microbiota of people who live far from modern life is richer, because they live together with bacteria in nature.

What bacteria should be in a healthy gut? How to gain healthy bacteria? What destroys them?

In the scientific studies I have done in the laboratory as a microbiome microbiologist, the first problem I have seen in people with intestinal disease is intestinal dysbiosis. dysbiosis; It means that the balance of bacteria in the intestine is disturbed. Among the inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome called IBS, diverticulitis, anal fissure, chronic constipation and diarrhea, allergies, asthma, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases lie in the basis of impaired bacterial imbalance, namely dysbiosis. .

In a healthy gut, there should be diversity, and in order to ensure diversity, we should feed abundantly with greens so that all bacteria can be fed equally. However, today, the increase in sugary food consumption and industrial nutrition causes an increase in the number of malignant bacteria and makes the human body vulnerable to many diseases.

To reverse this situation and achieve holistic health, the use of probiotics consisting of Akkermansia bacteria, which can live in harmony with each other, and the use of prebiotics, which are formulated and developed by scientists, provide benefits in a wide spectrum from inflammatory bowel diseases to ibsye, from diabetes to osteoporosis, to the treatment of urogenital diseases. . I would like to say that the use of Akkermansia probiotics and prebiotics in intestinal diseases has a positive effect on the brain-intestinal axis by increasing the intestinal mucosal secretion in the intestinal epithelium, which is the region with the largest mucosal surface in the body, reducing intestinal permeability and at the same time increasing the production of SCFAs that release intestinal hormones.

In fact, probiotic and prebiotic supplements have been very popular for a while. Many brands have many products that are sold in both pharmacies and some grocery stores. Are these useful for humans?

Probiotics and prebiotics are of course beneficial for human health; Especially probiotics, which contain compatible bacteria with each other, strengthen the microbiota of human beings. With bacterial strains that get along well with each other, users can be provided with the highest support for their microbiota. So are prebiotics; Harmony and coordination are very important. When you give the prebiotics that bacteria need, your microbiota works in a healthier way and supports you. Of course, since people cannot make these mixtures manually, they can support their microbiota by using products containing Akkermansia bacteria, which they are sure to be genuine. On the other hand; Randomly mixed, incompatible probiotics and uncoordinated prebiotics do not work properly in the body.

If you take good care of your microbiome, it will take good care of you. I recommend taking an external probiotic supplement to really take care of your microbiome. We can support you to achieve a health that spreads from our intestines to our whole body with products that will support your microbiota, enriched with different prebiotics and plant extracts, containing Akkermansia and its derivatives.

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