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Mistakes made by those who age prematurely… Learn the skin care mistakes before it’s too late!

Regular skin care is essential to keep your skin healthy and smooth. However, some wrong habits during skin care can cause rapid aging and wrinkling of the skin.

The methods you think are good for your skin actually disrupt the natural structure of the skin. So, what are the skin care mistakes that cause rapid aging of the skin?

Here are the details:

Everyone dreams of youthful skin. Many care products and methods can be tried to prevent skin aging.

However, you may unknowingly damage your skin while taking care of it. We have compiled for you the skin care mistakes that cause the skin to age rapidly.

1. Using Products That Are Not Suitable for Your Skin Type

While taking care of your skin, using products that are not suitable for your skin type may damage your skin.

Products that are not suitable for your skin type can cause many skin problems and prematurely age your skin. Therefore, it is important to determine your skin type correctly before starting skin care. It is always better to choose products suitable for oily, combination, dry or sensitive skin.

2. Applying Irregular Skin Care It is very important to do regular skin care to maintain the health of the skin. Overdoing skin care or not following a regular routine can cause premature aging of the skin. If you want to protect your skin, you should do regular skin care every day.

Daily Skin Care Order:

  • Skin cleansing (double stage if you have make-up)
  • Tonic
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • suntan cream

3. Not Protecting the Skin from the Sun The harmful effects of sunlight can cause premature aging of the skin and increased wrinkles. To prevent these effects, you should protect your skin from the sun and use sunscreen in all seasons.

The harmful effects of the sun can cause many problems on the skin, such as dryness, wrinkles, permanent brown spots, raised red spots, and tone differences. That’s why sunscreen should always be part of your skin care routine.

4. Over-exfoliating It is important to exfoliate to remove dead cells from the skin. However, overdoing it when peeling can cause skin irritation and damage.

If you want to cleanse your skin from dead cells, you must apply peeling correctly. While peeling, it is recommended to massage your skin with gentle and circular movements. You should also exfoliate at most 2 times a week. Especially using Turkish coffee grounds as peeling may cause skin scratching and damage to the skin barrier.

5. Sleeping with Make-up Sleeping with makeup can cause clogged pores. This leads to problems such as acne and acne. You should make it a habit to cleanse your skin with a gel or foam to remove makeup and dirt before going to sleep.

6. Over-washing the face It is important to cleanse your skin of oil, dirt and make-up residue. However, over-washing the skin can remove natural oils and disrupt the skin’s moisture balance. It may damage the skin barrier. Therefore, it is sufficient to clean your skin with a gentle cleanser twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. You should make sure that the skin cleanser is suitable for your skin type.

7. Not Moisturizing Enough Skin always needs moisturizing. One of the easiest ways to protect skin is to use moisturizer regularly. Skipping moisturizer or using a moisturizer that isn’t suitable for your skin type risks dryness, flaking, and even increased oil production. You should choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and apply it by massaging after cleansing your skin.

8. Squeeze Pimples Acne is one of the most common skin problems. However, squeezing pimples can cause great damage to the skin. Squeezing pimples can lead to inflammation, blemishes, and increased bacteria. For skin health, you should not squeeze acne. For acne, you should definitely get help from an expert and apply the correct treatment method.

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