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Inspired by the legends and the prescriptions of local physicians, L’Occitane discovered the toxin-scavenging, purifying and soothing properties of cooked artichoke juice. Artichoke peeling and massage cream, produced after many years of R&D, came to Turkey at the same time as the world.

L’Occitane’s Artichoke peeling and massage cream, which we can consider a kind of gift for the summer of 2023, and which they are very ambitious, shows its effect in only 28 days according to user comments, and it almost restructures the legs.

Body care from the inside out…
A sedentary lifestyle and hormone changes can slow blood circulation. This can lead to a feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs, loss of firmness and cellulite. At the end of the day, we begin to lose the lightness we feel when we start the day in the morning. This also causes the capillary circulation to be affected, resulting in an orange-peel-like appearance settling on the legs and eventually losing the firmness of the body. L’Occitane’s artichoke massage cream is applied with a light massage that stimulates microcirculation for moisturizing after shower and peeling, and the elasticity and tightening process begins, where you can see the effects quickly.

Lighten up again!
The discourse of L’Occitane researchers is important at this point; “For those who are looking for the secret of holistic beauty, our new body care collection Artichoke offers a body care that can redefine oneself beyond the visible.”

L’Occitane’s farmer support
Artichokes are grown organically, sustainably, by farmers within the ESAT (Etablissement et Services d’Aide par le Travail / French Foundation for Support and Work Assistance) and all supply is made from them.

About the artichoke…
Artichokes are rich in polyphenols (antioxidant) and inulin (a prebiotic fiber). It is known for its fat-breaking, diuretic, and cholesterol-fighting properties. L’Occitane focused on its leaves, known for their therapeutic properties, to enable this detoxifying superfood to be used in cosmetology. He spent many years researching, experimenting, doing in vitro tests in the laboratory and updating the parameters according to the results and re-investigating and testing. And the end results were very satisfying indeed; The artichoke was simply perfect for stimulating microcirculation.

In vitro tests of artichoke extract; showed that it triggers the operation of capillaries and increases the firmness of the skin by x2. The permeability of fat cells decreased by 60 percent.

Step 1
Warm up and activate

Warm up the Artichoke body scrub in the palm of your hand and activate it. Massage onto wet legs, then wash off. This artichoke extract skin peeling helps to exfoliate dead skin and renew the skin. The effectiveness of the massage cream to be applied afterwards increases.
Price: Artichoke Body Scrub 200 ML – 935 TL

step 2
Renewal and tightening

Artichoke extract massage cream, while intensely moisturizing the skin, tightens and nourishes it. It relaxes and relieves the swollen legs due to edema. When used with the Gua Sha massager, it helps to regulate the capillary blood circulation with a deeper effective massage. Gua Sha increases the effectiveness of the cream. 100 percent of the users stated that the edema in their legs decreased and their skin tightened after only one month of use of the product.
Price: Artichoke Massage Cream 200 ML – 1145 TL

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