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New favorite monochrome make-up

You can start your make-up with one of the colors pink, coral, skin and bronze, if you wish, you can use other tones that you have compiled from seasonal colors. You can combine a pink lipstick with a pink blush, and you can use a burgundy eyeliner from the same color tones.

Then you can keep the rest of your makeup light or skip it altogether. Black eyeliner is among the products that should not be used in this type of make-up. Remember, no part of your face should go beyond general harmony.

A light dark shade

Monochrome make-up perfecting the only thing is to use different colors in the same tone. You can apply the lighter and softened tones of the color you have chosen on your eyes, and you can make your eyes stand out a little with a shimmering finish. The trick to be considered in this type of make-up is to provide an equal distribution of colors in every region.

Ideal colors for monochrome make-up

Fuchsia: In the eyes very pale tones, use the darker tone on the lips. Fuchsia creates a sexy and pretty look.

Claret Red: Makeup done with burgundy tones on dark skin looks really great. Ideal for a stylish and elegant look, especially in cold weather.

Pale pink:
Creates a natural and warm look. It brightens the face and makes it look radiant.

Bronze: There is no better choice for summer than bronze tones. Prefer bronze tones on the eyes and cheeks, and colors close to coral on the lips.

Nude: Nude family has a wide choice of colors. Beige, buff, brown… You can freely use the color you want wherever you want.

Coral color: Coral color looks great on wheat skinned people and peach color on lighter skinned people. Experiment until you find the color that suits you best. You can apply these colors directly on cheeks and lips. Opt for softer shades for the eyes.

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