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New products from ‘the brand that women trust’

Sinoz, one of Turkey’s most popular cosmetics brands, was selected as the “Brand Trusted and Preferred by Women” according to the Women’s Brand Preference Index Research conducted by the Turkish Reputation Academy. We wanted to take a look at the sun products that Sinoz has released for this summer…

The results of the Women’s Brand Preference Index Research conducted by the Turkish Reputation Academy have been announced. In the research conducted on the preferences of the 18 – 55 year old female target audience, 66 sectors were examined. In the research where 250 brands that ranked among 1000 brands were determined, Sinoz was selected as the “Brand Trusted and Preferred by Women” in the skin care category.

Sinoz CEO Yasin Çörekci; “We have been producing high-quality products for the needs of the skin care industry for 15 years, and offering them to our consumers. In this sense, it is very valuable for us to be chosen as the trusted and preferred brand by our female consumers. With the strength we derive from the trust of our consumers, we will continue to produce innovative and innovative products in skin care.” He expressed his satisfaction with the success achieved.


Sinoz Shimmer Miraculous Luminous Hair and Body Care Oil

Sinoz Shimmer Miraculous Luminous Hair and Body Care Oil, which Sinoz adds to its favorite products, combines intense mother-of-pearl pigments with flawless shine, while providing a flawless glow to your skin with its 16 precious oils, it also cares.

Sinoz Shimmer Miraculous Luminous Hair and Body Care Oil; It promises to get the perfect glow instantly with the intense mother-of-pearl pigments in its content and to pamper your skin with the legendary cheesecake smell. In addition, it provides repairing and moisturizing care to your skin with its special formula of 16 precious oils of nature. Sinoz Shimmer Miraculous Radiant Care Oil can be used on all body and hair with peace of mind thanks to its silicone-free concentrated formula that absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling. It will be among your essentials for an attractive glowing skin, day or night, especially during the summer. PSF: 399TL

Sinoz No:16

Sinoz No:16 Purifying and Moisturizing Body Peeling; With its formula consisting of sea salt, vitamin E and valuable oils, it purifies your skin from dead skin and gives it a smooth and soft finish. Especially for very dry skin, it maintains the oil balance and provides a lively appearance, while at the same time it moisturizes your body ultra-intensively thanks to its 16 valuable oils. With its permanent cheesecake scent, it hugs your skin all day long.

Sinoz Anti-Blemish Sun Cream

Sinoz Anti-Blemish Sunscreen Cream SPF 50+ Your skin is nourished and moisturized with its vitamin E and provitamin B5 content. Thanks to the skin whitening feature of the turmeric extract, the product prevents the skin from producing excessive color pigment and prevents the formation of spots, and also provides excellent protection against harmful sun rays that accelerate skin aging, wear the skin and cause blemishes.

Sinoz Pink Touch

Providing 4 times stronger sun protection with SPF 50+, Sinoz Pink Touch protects your skin from the sun in all seasons, allowing you to have a more vibrant, bright and healthy skin. Sinoz Pink Touch, a pink sunscreen that can meet many of your needs with a single product, including moisturizing, sun protection and make-up base, equalizes your skin tone and allows you to have a more vibrant and healthy skin instantly.

Sunscreens, which should never be missed in skin care, are considered the most important step in achieving a healthy skin. Sinoz Pink Touch, the pink sunscreen that protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and at the same time evens your skin tone, creates a make-up base by giving the skin pinkness with 2% calamine in its formula.

Helping you achieve a silky and more radiant skin, Sinoz Pink Touch nourishes your skin with Provitamin B5, Shea butter, turmeric extract and vitamin E in its content, by protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun up to 4 times with its SPF 50+ sun protection factor.

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