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No one could believe the result, what would happen if you wash your hair with coke!

There is almost no one who does not drink Coke, which goes well with many dishes. What about anyone who washes their hair easily? Although it sounds disgusting, a youtube user tried it and shared the results with his followers. So what happens if we actually wash our hair with cola? Look what really happened…

A Youtube phenomenon named Ellko “What happens if you wash your hair with coke?” He put himself forward as a subject to seek an answer to his question and opened the door to a surprising truth with the video he published recently.

Ellko, who poured two bottles of Coke from head to toe, carried out this experiment by ignoring the sugary formula of acidic coke and its corrosive nature that even dissolves blockages in sinks. Ellko, who went to the bathroom after washing her hair easily and cleaned her hair with cola with shampoo, discovered that her hair became thicker and looked more lively. On top of that, her hair, which she had not been able to wave for years, had a wavy appearance just as she wanted.

Does it make hair fuller and curly?

It’s a long tried method to make hair look curly and fuller by washing it with soda. Scientifically speaking, cola is a liquid containing phosphoric acid, and that’s the secret. Coke has a very low PH value of 2.5. This allows it to act directly when it comes into contact with the hair. Waving straight hair, reviving pale hair is very easy with cola, but hair washed with cola definitely needs to be cleansed with shampoo because cola also contains a lot of sugar and sugar is not very good for hair. At this point, Ellko thinks it makes more sense to use Diet Coke.

So where else can we use it other than easy drinking?

Well, one of our tables is that you can benefit from cola besides drinking; Did you know that cola has uses that you have perhaps never heard of before?

A powerful cleaner for tiles and ceramic surfaces

Let’s say there are stains in your toilet that you can’t remove even if you try every method. No matter what cleaning product you used, it didn’t help. The solution is very simple, pour cola, which is very cheap compared to detergents, on the stained area and leave it for half an hour. The stain will disappear.

Metal surfaces will be free from rust and will be like a mirror.

The acidic value of cola is slightly higher, just like citrus fruits. This acid content also helps in removing rust. If the surface you want to clean is very rusty, pour Coke over the rusted areas and leave overnight. The next day, you can easily clean the rust by using a dish sponge.

Fierce enemy of oil stain

Oil stains are stubborn. Many detergents do not help these stains. But now you won’t put your favorite clothes on the back shelves of the closet just because the oil stain is gone. Instead, you’ll add some Coke to your washing machine along with your oil-stained laundry. You will see that the stain is removed in one wash.

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