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Pay attention to hygiene in make-up! can have serious consequences

Take time to clean your make-up brushes

If you have never cleaned your make-up brush before, be sure to clean it after that. Make-up brushes used for a long time accumulate dust if they are not cleaned. These dusts cause bacteria formation. If we take into account that you will apply your makeup brushes to your face, applying these bacterial brushes to your face will of course cause serious health problems.

Damages of non-cleaned make-up brushes

  • Causes acne formation
  • Increases the risk of allergy
  • Reproduces bacteria
  • Inflames the skin
  • Forms fungus

How to clean the make-up brush?

Cleaning your makeup brushes is not as difficult as you might think. First, soak your brushes in warm water. Slowly rub the brush you want to clean into the bar soap. While doing this, you should be gentle so as not to damage your brush. Finally, clean the foam by holding the brush that you rub with soap in warm water. It’s that simple.

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