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Pay attention to these before rhinoplasty!

Nose aesthetics is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries in our country. This surgery, which is sometimes performed for visual purposes, is often performed to relieve the person’s nasal congestion. The aim is to obtain a healthy nose that is aesthetically more beautiful and functionally comfortable to breathe.

In order to harmonize the nose with the face, changes can be made to the shape, size and general appearance of the nose. With this surgery, the nose can be reduced or enlarged, changes can be made in its contour, the arch on the back of the nose can be corrected, and the raising of the nose tip can be adjusted. However, the cartilage and bone structure of the person and the thickness of the skin allow for how much and to what extent all these can happen. Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgeon Specialist Op. Dr. Bahadır Baykal gave information on the subject.

Suitable candidates for rhinoplasty:

  • If the nose is very wide or long
  • If the nasal bone is broken and collapsed
  • After trauma or accident if the shape of the nose has changed
  • If there is a large belt in the nose that prevents the use of glasses
  • If the nose tip is low
  • If the nostrils are asymmetrical
  • If there is a curvature in the nasal axis
  • If the problem of nasal congestion is caused by the deformity of the nose…

What should I do before nose surgery?

• You should stop using aspirin and aspirin-containing drugs.
• If you have a problem with a cold, flu or any other illness, you should inform your doctor about the issue.
• Smoking negatively affects the healing process, so you should stop smoking at least 2 weeks before your surgery.
• You should stop using herbal supplements.
• Our patients who will have surgery, especially in the summer months, should protect their faces from the sun’s rays.
• You must stop alcohol and alcoholic beverages at least 1 week before your surgery.

THINGS TO DO 1 DAY BEFORE rhinoplasty:
• Cleanse your face well with an antibacterial soap.
• Don’t forget to remove your nail polish and nail polish.
• Try to sleep well and comfortably.
• Do not eat or drink anything after midnight.
• Take clothes with front buttons or zippers to wear after the surgery. Even small bumps can be a problem as your nose will be sensitive.

• Do not eat or drink anything before surgery.
• Cleanse your face with an antibacterial soap.
• Do not wear make-up, do not use any lipstick, including colorless lip balms.
• Remove your wigs, hair extensions, hairpins and jewellery.

Can I have nose surgery during my period?
Of course you can. Menstrual cycle does not affect rhinoplasty operations positively or negatively. As long as the patient feels comfortable, the surgery can be done easily.

What are the foods that are forbidden to be consumed before surgery?
It is important to reduce your salt intake a few days before the surgery. If you eat a balanced and conscious meal, you are healthy. But it’s still worth mentioning that you can eliminate potentially allergenic foods such as milk, eggs, walnuts, fish, shellfish.

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