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Permanent solution to make-up mistakes: Contour make-up

While make-up will make the person look better most of the time, make-up mistakes make the person look worse. At this point, Ergül Keskin, the Founder of Conture Make up Studio, Ergül Keskin, Contour Makeup Trainer, who says that contour makeup application brings effective solutions to common makeup mistakes, gives important tips on the subject.

Do you make these mistakes

Makeup is the most important part of your beauty routine. Moreover, thanks to the new generation communication channels, we are informed about many makeup trends and learn the right makeup techniques. However, we often make some make-up mistakes and cause unwanted looks. At this point, contour make-up applications, which are made by professionals and provide long-term permanence, come into play. Contour make-up, applied by expert make-up artists and made with natural dyes or auxiliary materials, ensures that you are always well-groomed and prevent make-up mistakes.

The appearance of lumpy eyelashes disappears from your life

The results of using wrong mascara often result in disappointment. In particular, the appearance of clumping created by the mascara on the eyelashes may occur when too much is applied or due to the use of spoiled mascara. While trying to get full and lively eyelashes, reaching a clumped and heavy result takes away from beauty instead of bringing it closer to beauty. The task of removing the rough and bad residues left by the mascara on the eyelashes falls on the application of silk eyelashes. Silk eyelash applied on real eyelashes can be defined as thickening and strengthening. The eyelashes obtained from pure silk are glued one by one in accordance with the structure of the eyes. Eyelashes, which are prepared according to the needs and expectations of the person, prevent short or sparse appearance. At the same time, it provides fullness without the need for mascara.

Eyebrows painted like canvas paint

One of the most common mistakes when making up is to fill in the eyebrows incorrectly and turn them into a photo frame. Many people prefer to fill their eyebrows with cosmetic products in order to make their sparse eyebrows look intense and to give their eyebrows a shape. At this point, the eyebrow contour, which is made by processing color pigments into the lower layer of the skin in the eyebrow area, is mostly used by people with sparse eyebrows and deformities. Eyebrow contouring done by professionals starts with determining the most suitable form for the person’s face. After the preliminary drawing, the application is made with techniques such as hair technique, powdering technique and 3D. The duration of the procedure varies between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on the eyebrow density to be applied. 20 days after the procedure, the final touches are made and the eyebrows are finalized. The eyebrow contour, which provides permanence for approximately 1-2 years, both prevents false eyebrow filling and ensures that the use of cosmetic products is not required.

Wrong eyeliner line, wrong image

Perfectly drawn eyeliner is both the most difficult stage of make-up and the best reward. However, it is not always possible to draw a suitable eyeliner line for the eyes and face. For many women, this often turns into a struggle, and it takes minutes to correct the drawn eyeliner. In particular, the eyeliner line, which is not suitable for the person’s eye structure, can make the person look older than they are and make the eyes appear smaller and lower than they are. One of the most common eyeliner mistakes, small eyes draw very thick eyeliner or combining the eyeliner line drawn on the lower and upper eyelashes is an image that should be avoided completely. Eyeliner contours made by experts are a practical option both to always have the perfect eyeliner line and to achieve the most suitable eyeliner line for the face.

It has two different methods. A natural line is created by applying it to the lower-upper bases of the eyelashes with the first method. This line drawn more strongly reveals both the color and shape of the eyes. Moreover, it creates an optical illusion for small eyes, making the eye appear larger. Eyeliner contour application takes the application one step further. The line placed on the root line of the eyelashes on the eyelid is clarified and a characterful finish is achieved. Application person; facial features, eye structure, sharp or soft image selection is performed.

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