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The Petite Maison family, which draws attention with its innovative aspect and targeting a unique skin care experience with its series developed for every skin type, took its place in all Gratis products. Thanks to the ingredients of Petite Maison enriched with natural and nutritious substances, it helps to repair the effects of daily life such as stress, fatigue and air pollution with skin products. Among the Petite Maison skin care products that are powered by nature and suitable for all skin types; Micellar make-up remover water, make-up removal oil, peeling gel, pink clay mask, tonic, face, eye and lip cream, pore concealer make-up base and paper masks.

Petite Maison Make-Up Remover Oil (oil to milk), one of the most innovative products of the skin series, offers a unique experience that is suitable for different skin types with its structure that changes with a single move. Petite Maison Make-up Removal Oil, which differs from other skin cleansing products with its effect that transforms from oil phase to milk phase upon contact with water, cleans dust, oil, dirt and similar residues on the skin in all skin types, giving the skin a feeling of relaxation. The first step purifies the skin in the oil phase, including waterproof makeup, while the second step moisturizes the skin in the milk phase and gives it vitality. Thanks to the grapefruit seed oil it contains, it purifies the skin from dead cells and provides protection against external factors.

Another product that attracts the most attention in the category is Petite Maison Peeling Gel. Thanks to the pink grapefruit extract and vitamin E in its formula, Petite Maison Peeling Gel, which helps to clean the skin residues such as dirt, oil and dead skin by quickly penetrating the pores of the skin, deeply moisturizes the skin and provides a smooth appearance. The peeling gel, which makes a difference with its ability to be used without wetting the skin in a unique and innovative way, also supports the regeneration of the skin by removing dead cells without irritating the skin barrier.

Another innovative and favorite product of the skin series is Petite Maison Intense Moisturizing Face Cream. The innovation that distinguishes the product from its counterparts is that it allows contact with the product without touching, thus eliminating the potential anti-hygiene elements that may occur with every touch of the product. For a balanced and fresh-looking skin, Petite Maison Intense Moisturizing Face Cream helps to slow down the effects of aging by nourishing the skin thanks to its special formula strengthened with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and pink grapefruit extra.

Petite Maison, which attracts the attention of new consumers with its innovative style in all its products and its colorful packaging that refers to the 1950’s, is also excited to continue its journey created with the values ​​it gives to innovation in all Gratis stores.


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