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Prepare your face for makeup

Beauty guru and vlogger Sebi Bebi, as the family of womenvekadin.net, we made a special interview for you, our followers.

In this video, we talked about how you should prepare your face for make-up lovers.

Don’t forget the moisturizer

Make sure to moisturize your face before make-up, if your skin is dry, you can use heavy-based creams. If it’s oily, gel-based moisturizers will be the right choice for you. . Sebi Bebi, who recommends applying moisturizer at least half an hour before make-up, said that the face absorbs the cream easily during the elapsed time. For those who are in a hurry, after they complete their make-up, they can take the excess from their faces with the help of a napkin by pressing lightly. If your skin is oily or dry but has a rough appearance, there are special primers for them, but you do not have to use them. It helps the primary foundation look smooth and prevents shine if your skin is oily. A primer should be used when necessary, and a moisturizer should be used. Afterwards, if you need foundation, you can switch to eye makeup without using colored powder or any skin product.

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