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Product recommendation for professional skin care at home

Proud, which makes its difference in the cosmetics sector with its innovative, technological and scientific approach, changes your skin care routine with its serums prepared with its effective ingredients and strong formula. By using vegan serums, which provide solutions for moisture, aging and shine, which are general skin concerns, with a moisturizing and restorative base, you will have a flawless skin and a healthy, radiant appearance with the new generation Proud products.

Proud’s Serum Series has been produced with a different approach, to be used individually or mixed together, according to the needs of each skin, and to be used with a personalized formula instead of a single product for all types of skin.

Proud Mask Base First of all, it moisturizes and repairs your skin; it renews your skin barrier, increases cell defense with its rich polyphenols and gives shine. In addition, the mask base, which reduces the redness of the skin caused by rosacea, known as Rose disease, and the color changes caused by the media in the skin and tissues with the increase in pigment, aims to slow down skin aging by reducing inflammation.

If you want to have a bright and glowing skin Proud’s Anti-Aging Serum just for you. Intensive Grenactive Retinoid* in its content showed a dramatic reduction in lines and wrinkles as a result of 14 days of application in studies. With this powerful ingredient, Anti-Aging Serum increases the elasticity of your skin, reduces wrinkles and minimizes imperfections by providing a more even skin tone. (According to clinical tests, after 28 days of use, the rate of wrinkles on the skin decreased by 18.9%.)

Serum that moisturizes dull and dry skin Hydrating Booster ; It is unique in both short-term and long-term moisturizing effect. With its structure that forms an invisible film on the skin, it meets the daily moisture need of the skin, and prevents the formation of dirt residues on the skin and supports skin health. (According to clinical tests, it increased the moisture rate of the skin by 31.4% after 28 days of use. Your skin increases and protects the moisture rate up to 5 days even after use.)

It helps to reduce stain and color unevenness. Proud Brightening Booster Serum With regular use, it reduces age spots within 14 days, balances skin tone and removes pigment disorders. (As a result of clinical tests, Radianskin* in its content provided 46% improvement in the appearance of stains after 56 days of use.)

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