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protein treatment for hair

proteins contain amino acids that are necessary to strengthen your hair and keep it growing. If your hair is dry and broken, protein therapy is a temporary but effective solution for such problems. Keratin, the natural protein in our hair, is exposed to sun, wind, pollutants and chemical processes, causing the hair to wear out. Protein treatments nourish and strengthen your hair from the outside.

Benefits of protein treatments

Softens hair: Nourish your hair by removing dead cells from your scalp and adding protein from the outside and soften.

Strengthens the hair strands: Infuses the hydrolyzed proteins directly into the hair follicles and hardens the hair strands, thus strengthening your strands.

Moisturizes your hair: Moisturizes your hair more effectively by getting rid of dead cells and injected proteins in your scalp.

Volume: Makes your hair thicker, longer and healthier.

Home protein therapy

If you don’t want to spend excessively on protein therapy in salons, natural protein treatments you can try at home…


– Avocado contains fatty acids and proteins that can repair, strengthen and nourish damaged hair. Mash a few avocados and mash them.

– Mix the puree with mayonnaise.

– Apply this mask to the scalp and entire hair to nourish and soften the hair.


– Dairy products such as yogurt and sour cream contain proteins and lactic acid that cleanse your hair. You can prepare by mixing an egg and some yogurt.

– Leave the mixture on your hair for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water

Note: You can add coconut oil, honey, coconut to the mixtures you have prepared using eggs, avocado and yogurt. You can prepare a protein-rich hair mask by adding emollients such as milk, banana, cream. Apply the mixture to all damp hair, wrap your head in a towel, wait for 30-40 minutes and wash thoroughly.

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