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Simple way to fight stretch marks on our body

Common misconceptions about stretch marks

  • Stretch marks do not tan and disappear.
  • Stretch marks are usually seen in the areas of the chest, abdomen, hips and arms where the amount of fat is high.
  • The incidence of stretch marks is higher in women than in men.
  • Skin cracks can be seen in adrenal gland disease, which causes long-term cortisone use and excess cortisone production in the body.

To prevent crack formation:

  • Drink plenty of water. This prevents your skin from drying out and gives elasticity to the skin.
  • Eat less fatty foods, reduce carbohydrate intake.
  • Consume plenty of vitamin A foods to repair your skin’s texture. These; foods such as liver, pepper, dark green leafy vegetables, lettuce, dried apricots.
  • Support your diet with foods containing Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids increase the elasticity of your skin. It also has many benefits, such as helping to lose weight. You can get omega 3 from foods such as salmon, sea bass, walnuts.
  • Use vitamin E. This vitamin prevents water loss and keeps the skin moist. With Vitamin E oil, you can heal your cracks by giving the skin elasticity.
  • Another mineral important for the skin is zinc. If you mix zinc with water and apply it to your skin, it will have a very good effect against cracks.

Herbal solutions that heal cracks

Special skin care for cracks suitable for your skin for the treatment of cracks in the body You should use their products. If you want to apply a home treatment method, you can use herbs.

Aloe Vera: To increase the effect of the aloe vera plant, which has skin rejuvenation and high moisture content, you can combine it with foods rich in vitamin E and use it in the treatment of stretch marks. Aloe vera is a very effective herbal solution in the treatment of cracks that have just formed and in preventing the formation of cracks. You should use it regularly and apply it at least twice a week.

Potato: Potato growing under the ground is a rich source of minerals because it is a member of the tuber vegetable family. We can obtain the vitamins and minerals that the skin needs while renewing itself from potatoes. If you want, you can use it by removing the juice and massaging it on the cracks, or directly with the potatoes you cut into thick slices, rub the cracked skin in circles in every good direction. A suitable method for 1-2 applications per week.

Flax Seed and Yoghurt: Instead of flaxseed oil, about which there are news as the definitive solution against body cracks, mix ground flaxseed with some yogurt and massage it over the cracks. Flaxseed, which is the strongest herbal collagen source, is one of the safe herbal solutions that can be used in the treatment of stretch marks. In addition, you can provide collagen support from the inside by adding flaxseed to your diet during this period.

Oil recommendations for stretch marks

Castor Oil: The most popular natural used against stretch marks oil. After massaging the cracked area with this oil for a long time, a hot towel should be placed on the area to increase the effect of the oil.

Sweet Almond Oil: It is one of the most used oils in skin care. It is among the most effective natural oils in the treatment of stretch marks. You can apply it to your warm skin after a bath to increase its effect.

Olive Oil: Olive oil has been used by heating for skin wounds for a long time due to its antiseptic properties, and many plant extracts are dissolved in olive oil and turn into natural oil. So many plant oils are actually olive oil. Heat the olive oil in a bain-marie and apply it to the cracked area with the help of a cotton ball or by massaging with your hands.

Cocoa Butter: A natural oil that supports the skin’s self-repair as it activates blood circulation. It is possible to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks by massaging with cocoa butter. You can also prevent stretch marks by using cocoa butter during pregnancy and adolescence.

St. John’s Wort oil: St. John’s Wort oil can be used on extremely dry and chapped skin. St. John’s Wort oil helps to heal dry and cracked skin quickly thanks to its many active ingredients. It can be used in problematic areas of the skin (such as cracks, wounds, itching, rashes) with its cell regenerative feature. When used through massage, it has a relaxing effect. St. John’s Wort Oil is obtained by dissolving St. John’s Wort flower in olive oil. For this reason, both St. St. John’s Wort and olive oil have positive effects on the skin.

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