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Sephora’s indispensable Sephora Collection offers beauty lovers a wonderful care experience with skin care products inspired by nature. Standing out with its wide range of products from masks to serums, Sephora Collection not only makes skin care enjoyable, but also helps you purify your mind by pampering your skin. Sephora Collection’s products with formulations suitable for different skin types, needs and problems will help you take your skin care experience to the next level this season.

Sephora Collection’s most popular skin care products this season include powerful masks, exfoliating and moisturizing wipes, cleansing powders, body peelings, and unique serums to revitalize the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Sephora Collection has put together this set of three masks for your hair, face and eyes to add some action to your skincare routine.

Night hair mask with mango extract in bone shape, covered with a cream mask consisting of 91% natural ingredients. This mask works the night shift to nourish your hair.

A papaya sheet mask made from a serum-infused banana fiber packed with vitamin C and papaya extract for your face. A wonderful recipe for a healthy glow…

A pair of moisturizing vitamin eye masks. These ultra-refreshing strips are made from plant-based biocellulose and a blend of skin superfoods, including moisture-rich aloe vera extract to instantly treat dark circles.
Price: 199 TL

A mask for every skin type! Containing fruit and plant extracts as well as moisturizing hyaluronic acid, this super useful and iconic sheet mask collection That’s the motto of the ion. Composed of fine acacia-derived fibers and It takes the feeling of the second skin to new dimensions with a fabric that wraps around the surface. In addition to the benefits offered by each mask, which consists of carefully selected ingredients from the farmer’s market, it is intended to provide instant hydration and this effect will last for up to six hours.

Blueberries to perfect the skin and make it glow
Lychee for moisture and shine
Watermelon to cool and plump
Matcha tea to mattify and control pores
Lemon to remove blemishes and fight blemishes
Coconut to nourish and soothe

It also has a vegan formula with 95% natural ingredients and packaging made from 16% recycled plastic.
Price: 64.90 TL

Is your skin a little dull? You can get help from these little wipes to increase (or restore) your radiance. These wipes create a chemical and mechanical peeling effect thanks to the textured plant-based fiber enriched with a mixture of grapefruit extract and fruit acid. It not only softens your skin but also leaves it clean, smooth and radiant.
Price: 99.90 TL

Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes are back. To celebrate this long-awaited return, Sephora has added a new twist to these gorgeous wipes; micellar lotion formula.

Nothing has changed in terms of deep and quick cleansing and is still very effective, sensual and ideal for sensitive skin. Herbal-based fine fibers pamper the skin with a comfortable softness, while removing impurities and make-up in the blink of an eye.

While moisturizing aloe vera removes all kinds of make-up, even waterproof make-up residues; Coconut soothes sensitive skin.
Price: 99.90 TL

The waterless and odorless formula of the 96% natural powder cleanser improves the quality of your skin and restores your glow. The secret is vitamin C paired with vitamin E, which enhances shine. Thanks to this powerful duo, your face is illuminated faster than ever before.
Price: 199 TL

Formulated with 98% natural ingredients (which is also a great make-up base), this oil-free facial glow serum has a high concentration of active ingredients that deliver visible results: 7% of Vitamins C and E to even out your skin and make it glow! Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It not only restores the radiance of the skin, but also evens the skin tone, reduces the appearance of dark spots, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, tightens and moisturizes the skin.
Price: 389 TL

Made from 93% natural ingredients, these sugary body scrubs contain a blend of AHAs (natural exfoliating acids) that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and raw sugar for effective scrubbing. This exfoliation really makes your skin smoother, softer, more supple and downright radiant. Its texture, which has an irresistible scent, melts on the skin, while gently exfoliating, it is easily rinsed without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling. It is also offered in sustainably designed packaging made from 68% recycled plastic.
Price: 249 TL

You can find Sephora Collection products at sephora.com.tr, Sephora Mobile Application and Sephora stores.

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