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Skin problems in winter

One of the important details that women should pay attention to when it comes to beauty is their skin. Finding a solution for those with skin problems ensures that precautions are taken before proceeding. Skin care is more important in winter than in summer. In the cold of winter, the care needed by the skin increases even more. Here are some skin problems that occur in winter;

Pore problem

Pores, one of the biggest skin problems of women in summer and winter, show themselves more in winter months. When you make up, these pores are noticeable and very annoying. In order to shrink the pores, you must first choose your cleanser correctly. It is important that the cleanser suitable for your skin type is sensitive and not abrasive. In the same way, you can gently cleanse your skin of excess oil by applying a moisturizer. Thus, your pores will be tighter and will not be a problem. You should not forget that you need to practice regularly.

Stain problem

It is wrong to think that skin spots are only seen in summer. Skin blemishes are very common in winter due to neglect in the summer. In addition, the winter sun and the sun’s rays reflected on the land have a direct effect on skin spots. To eliminate this problem, it is useful to use a cream containing UV and sunscreen, regardless of summer and winter. You should also make sure that the ingredients of the products you will use in skin care are clean. You can also get support from stain removal creams and serums. By applying these products at night, you should prevent your skin from seeing the sun.

Dry skin

The most common skin problem in winter is dryness. Your skin becomes dry due to cold weather, wind, snow, rain. Using cold water or using hot water because you are cold is also among the reasons that dry the skin. Therefore, you should prefer to use warm water. Thin-structured moisturizers that you use in the summer should turn into dense-structured moisturizers in the winter. You can also benefit from masks and serums that provide extra moisture. You should also moisturize your eyes and lips, and choose your cleansing products with moisturizing properties.


Although acne may occur in summer because your skin secretes more oil, this is also common in winter. These pimples, also called cold acne, are frequently seen on dry skin with the cold of winter months. While trying to dry these pimples, you also cause your skin to dry out. Therefore, you should use sensitive products, apply only to the spotty area and choose products with reduced acidity. Thus, it provides a gentle cleaning and you do not adversely affect the moisture level of your skin.


Even if you have wrinkles from the summer, it’s time to fight against them during the winter months. In winter, it is very important to focus on anti-wrinkle products and to apply regularly, especially in opening fine lines. If you are faced with deep wrinkles and sagging, winter months are the best time to have these procedures done with laser. Since it will not see the sun, it will provide faster recovery and effective results.

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