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Strong looking hair all summer long

Beaches, festivals, concerts… All of them are among the most beautiful and enjoyable details that summer brings. But they have one more thing in common: their abrasive effects on our hair. It’s time to strengthen your hair care routine so that you can enjoy the hot weather and the holiday with peace of mind without worrying about making your hair look lush, strong and healthy all summer long!

Speaking at the Pantene Superfood event held in House of Fuzuli, P&G Hair Care Category Communications Manager Gonca İlkmen said: “The superfoods described have been included in all healthy nutrition programs in recent years with their nutritious effect. We have adapted the nourishing effect of these superfoods to hair care, we have brought together the innovative power of Pantene and the superfood trend”


Pantene Hair Stylist Önder Tiryaki , who underlines that the first step for great looking hair is to achieve a strong and healthy appearance, “How can we use various supplements and these beneficial nutrients, which we call superfood, to protect our body from external factors? If we are careful to consume, you are the same for our hair. I must do. I recommend the Pantene Superfood Series to protect your hair from external factors, to have hair that always looks strong and bushy, and to provide a multi-vitamin effect. If we look at the hair trends this summer, I think we will see much bigger and flamboyant hair. Festive braids, big waves and shiny hair will be among the hottest hair trends of summer. In order to carry these models in the best possible way, you must first pay attention to the nutrition of your hair and make it look healthy and strong” .

Social media influencer and Pantene Beauty Ambassador Rachel Araz Kiresepi who has entrusted the strong and healthy appearance of her hair to Pantene for years “I was very interested to hear that it also provides a healthy effect on hair. But frankly, I did not expect this much until I tried it myself. While I was worried about my hair loss when I was pregnant, I met the Pantene Superfood series. When I saw my regrown hair, I saw the effect of this series with my own eyes” .

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