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The best and most effective skin exfoliating and regenerating creams in the pharmacy 2022

The texture of the skin deteriorates due to some reasons and peels off. One of the most important reasons for this is to drink less water. You can remove the skin peeling that bothers you from time to time with creams in the pharmacy, and at the same time, you can renew the skin. So, which are the effective creams in the pharmacy that peel and renew the skin? Here you can find the answer to this question in our news.

One of the biggest wishes of every woman is to make her skin look smooth and flawless. However, from time to time, skin problems may occur due to some reasons such as dry and cold strong winds, use of wrong cosmetic products or drinking less water. By renewing these problems, you can provide a healthier and more beautiful appearance. The medical creams that you will use in consultation with your specialist will almost eliminate all the problems of your skin. After using the creams, the upper epidermis part of the skin becomes smooth thanks to the tissue repair and repair effect. If you are searching for the names of creams that peel and renew the skin on the internet, you are at the right address. Let’s take a look at the creams that regenerate skin cells together.


  • 1- MADECASSOL CREAM / 34.83 TL


Madecassol Cream produced by Bayer is almost at the top of the list among the best-selling medical creams of recent years. taking. Madecassol, which provides great benefits for many people who use it, contains a plant called Centella asiatica. You can also use this cream prescribed by specialist doctors to renew your skin. If you are looking for detailed information about Madecassol Cream, you can click on the link: MADECASSOL CREAM

  • 2- ACNELYSE CREAM / 99.74 TL


Acnelyse Cream released by Abdi İbrahim It is actually a very effective acne cream. This cream, which causes redness and itching when first used, is a formula with an effective scent. This cream, which contains vitamin A, creates a peeling effect on the skin. For detailed information of Acnelyse cream, which is also used in the treatment of fish scales, you can click: ACNELYSE CREAM



Formula compared to other creams Benzamycin, which is different, takes the excess oil of the skin by acting quickly. You can use this drug, which is a gel-like antibiotic cream with Benzoyl Peroxide and Active Erythromycin, in consultation with your specialist doctor. If you want a detailed research about this cream that manages to remove dead skin, you can click: BENZAMYCIN TOPICAL GEL

  • 4- EXPIGMENT CREAM / 22.29 TL


Removing skin color unevenness Expigment, which is prescribed by specialist doctors for not only this, but also has the feature of peeling and renewing. Since it creates a chemical peeling effect, this cream, which you should not use without consulting a specialist, gives the skin a smooth appearance. If you want detailed information about Expigment cream, you can click on the link: EXPIGMENT CREAM


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