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What are the latest developments in breast aesthetics? Are there any innovations in prostheses? What can be done for sagging breasts? What are the details of breast lift, breast reduction and augmentation applications? Is there a solution to the nipple problem? Maslak Health Group Aesthetic Surgery Unit Chief Physician, Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Nurettin Uzer answered these questions about breast aesthetics.

What are the most preferred methods in breast aesthetics lately?
In recent years, many different applications have been questioned and demanded when breast aesthetics is mentioned. These; breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, post-cancer breast repairs. With the increase of women’s effectiveness in social life, bodily form and comfort became a priority, and the frequency of enlargement and reduction procedures increased. In addition, we easily produce solutions for deformations in the breasts and nipples after pregnancy and breastfeeding processes. It would not be right to limit these practices to women. The same demands can come from our male clients, and we can produce similar solutions for them.

What are the latest developments in breast aesthetic surgeries?
Classical applications in breast aesthetics have been enriched by the increase in the variety of prosthesis in the last 30 years, pre-operative 3D imaging and design privileges, and the abundance of applications developed for scar problems.

Could you briefly talk about the types of prostheses? What are the latest innovations in prostheses?
Breast prostheses are divided into Saline (filled with salt water) and silicone gel prostheses. In recent years, the demand for silicone gel implants has increased, even the 5th generation has been developed and put into use. Complication rates in previous generation implants have been greatly reduced; tissue compatibility, their capacity to preserve their form, and leakage risks have been reduced to almost non-existent levels. Standards for prostheses that can be guaranteed for life have been reached.

Which of the two prostheses, which are round in shape and in the form of teardrops, should be used can be decided according to the shape of the chest structure and the expectations of the client. The capacity to maintain the structure, shape and perpendicularity of the surfaces, weight, tissue compatibility and durability are distinctive for new generation prostheses.

“Breast lift is a surgical procedure to bring sagging breasts back to an upright position.”

Who prefers breast lift surgeries the most? How is the procedure followed for this operation?
Unfortunately, breast tissue is in the front in terms of deformation tendency in the body. In particular, deformation can accelerate due to their size, sudden and excessive weight gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding processes. Our hereditary features, habits and lifestyle also affect this process. We are trying to regain the old, young and lively form with breast lift (Mastopexy). In fact, this practice of ours is a kind of reduction surgery. Incisions are planned more limited and shorter.

I often use the Vertical Mammaplasty technique in breast lift. Trace locations and lengths vary according to patient needs.

What can be done to recover the sagging of the breast?
Breast lift is a surgical procedure to bring sagging breasts back to an upright position. Three basic procedures are performed during this surgery; The nipples are moved to where they should be, the breast tissue is shaped and the excess skin is removed. If the breasts are large, the excess breast tissue is removed, if they are small, they are supported with silicone prostheses. Breast lift surgeries, along with reduction for those with large and sagging breasts; In patients with hollow and sagging breasts after birth or weight loss, it is performed together with the augmentation procedure.

Breast augmentation and reduction are among the most well-known surgeries… What are the important points to know about these surgeries?
With breast augmentation surgery, the aim should not only be to add volume to the breast, but also to give the ideal shape. In this application, it is very important for the plastic surgeon to choose the most suitable prosthesis and technique for the body and recommend it to the client. The process becomes easier when a joint decision is made in line with the client’s expectations.

Breast reduction surgeries can sometimes be observed since adolescence. Clients apply to our clinic with postural disorders, hygiene problems, preference to wear loose and dark clothes, physical and sportive performance restrictions, and skin problems. With this application, a suitable size and form is provided for the body. Postoperative posture, comfort and mobility improve.

With our ultrasonographic controls before and after both reduction and augmentation procedures, the patient is also included in breast scans. These screenings have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer by 27-70%. I have cancer cases that were caught by chance.

As long as there is family permission, these reduction surgeries can be performed under the age of 18. Consumption of certain drugs, smoking, weight loss products and herbal teas is restricted before the surgery. Augmentation under general anesthesia 1-1.30 hours; The reduction process takes around 2 hours.

“With the increase in the effectiveness of women in social life, bodily form and comfort became a priority, and the frequency of preference for enlargement and reduction procedures increased.”

Can you talk about breast aesthetics with fat transfer?
In breast augmentation procedures, fat injections other than prosthesis can be considered as another option. Fat transfer is effective in eliminating irregularities around the prosthesis. It can be enriched with the addition of stem cells and its use can also increase the melting resistance.

As I have experienced in my personal practice, it is applied limitedly due to the unpredictability of its results and permanence and the need for repetition. In addition, mammographic interpretation can be difficult due to calcifications observed in radiological controls.

What are the most common nipple/tip problems? What treatments are used for the solution?
The most common problems we encounter in the nipple are as follows:
• Absence of nipples
• Recessed nipple (inverted nipple)
• Very large and wide nipple and/or nipple ring

These problems can disturb the patient during the selection of clothes, sexual life and breastfeeding processes. The solution is nipple and nipple aesthetic procedures. Especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding processes, deformed tissues are narrowed and shrunk with local anesthesia. In this way, the nipple is brought to the appropriate size and shape for the breast. Even in some cases of embedded nipples, loosening can be applied without the need for an incision.

Who is Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Nurettin Uzer?
Born in 1977, Op.Dr.Nurettin Uzer successfully graduated from Istanbul University Capa Faculty of Medicine. He then completed his residency at Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital. He worked successfully in Başakşehir Çam Sakura City Hospital, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital as well as Taksim Training and Research Hospital in his specialty. In the 16th year of his profession, he became the head of Maslak Health Group at the peak of his profession, with many successes and innovations in the field of “Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetics”. Here, it continues to care for patients with its innovative and experienced staff in terms of aesthetics.

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