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The effect of foundation on the skin; BB Glow

Beauty, ranging from philosophers to poets, is mostly shaped by people. The most important criterion has been smooth skin throughout history. From the powders used by Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt to the various beauty potions of Far Eastern women, there is a passion for smooth skin.

Expressing that BB Glow, one of the new generation beauty applications, has transformed this passion into the beauty story of modern times, Ergül Keskin Conture Make up Studio’s Founder, Contour Makeup Trainer Ergül Keskin tells about this method, also known as permanent foundation.

A smooth touch to your skin

There are many innovative methods that provide effective solutions to various problems that occur on the skin. One of these methods, BB Glow, aims to eliminate aesthetic problems on the skin through special herbal serums. This process, also called permanent foundation, is safely preferred by both men and women.

BB Glow, which is a contour make-up application, is made without using any chemicals or foundation, so it is beneficial not harmful to the skin. First of all, the substances included in the serum with the procedure; tightens the skin, reduces acne and vascular scars. At the same time, it creates a smooth, luminous appearance by providing a foundation effect on the skin. The permanence of BB Glow, which creates effective results for a natural silhouette, varies between 4 months and 1 year on average.

Say goodbye to all skin imperfections

The serums used during application neutralize the free radicals in the skin and further reduce the melanin content of the skin without exposure to UV rays. The most important effects are as follows;

– Reduces wrinkles on the skin thanks to the micro needles used

– Equalizes skin color

– Reduces the appearance of bruises around the eyes

– Lightens the appearance of freckles and spots caused by photoaging

– Provides skin regeneration and elasticity

– Reduces scars and acne scars

– Provides intense moisturization

Beauty from needles

This process, which is done through micro needles, provides a smooth appearance with the penetration of serums into the skin. provides to be obtained. The serum used during the procedure is not the liquefied version of the foundation. It consists of all natural ingredients, while repairing the skin, it also triggers cell regeneration.

Although there are 3 different serums for each skin type in this process, various alternative colors can be created for different skin tones thanks to the combination method. The serum selected in accordance with the skin type of the person is applied to the skin with a dermapen. The BB Glow process, which is performed in 3 sessions at 10-day intervals, can be easily applied in all seasons.

Who should be careful while getting BB Glow

– Cancer patients,

– I, warts and herpes in the application area,

– People with coagulation disorders,

– Blood diseases,

– People with acute infectious diseases,

– Mothers during pregnancy and lactation,

– People with skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis),

– Hypertrophic and keloid scar formation susceptibility ,

– It is not recommended for epilepsy and diabetes patients to undergo the procedure.

Considerations for those who will have BB Glow application

– 3 weeks before BB Glow application; Chemical peeling, abrasive peeling product or device applications, laser epilation, needle epilation and waxing, botox, filler, oil injection, youth vaccine, mesotherapy, micro needling should not be done.

– BB Glow within 12 hours after application; Do not take a shower, wash the face, use cosmetic products on the face, and not engage in any activity that will cause sweating.

– In addition, make-up should not be applied to the skin for the first 3 days.

– You should not go to Turkish bath, sauna, pool, sea, steam room, solarium during the first 7 days.

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