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The formula that stops the effects of time: Salmon DNA

It is impossible to resist time, but it is possible to resist its effects and remove the abrasive reflections of time from your skin. In particular, applications where science meets the most special gifts of nature make it easier to achieve flawless results on the skin.

The Salmon DNA vaccine, which is one of these applications, is explained by Ergül Keskin, Conture Make-up Studio’s Founder and Contour Make-up Trainer, Ergül Keskin.

New generation youth elixir: Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA vaccine, with the help of DNA molecules obtained from salmon fish sperm and hyaluronic acid It is a new generation beauty application based on the production of young cells in the skin. This method, which aims to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging, is based on 3 basic factors. These are the skin; to restructure, repair, rejuvenate. Salmon DNA is the substance that helps the production of cells in the skin, which is described as a polynucleotide.

This application, which provides regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin by purifying the skin from dead skin, creates a high level of moisture effect on the skin as it contains an intense hyaluronic acid. In this way, it becomes possible to have a much more lively and radiant appearance.

Time tires the skin the most

Although the skin is in a strong structure, it loses its former activity against the effects of time. Especially after the age of 30, he loses 1% of collagen every year. This causes the skin to lose its natural elasticity and wrinkles to form. At the same time, elastin fibers break down and changes occur in the body’s own hyaluronic acid amount and function. Changes in the body cause the skin to look more lifeless and dull.

How to apply salmon DNA

It is a 4 cc vaccine application consisting of Salmon DNA, hyaluronic acid and Salmon DNA. It quickly increases the moisture and elasticity of the skin and gives the skin shine and youth. For this application, the skin is moisturized in the first stage. At this stage, the hyaluronic acid applied to the skin provides the appropriate basis for the actual treatment by regulating the moisture lost by the skin.

With the first application, an increase in collagen synthesis and skin tightening begins. With high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, skin cells are fed with a high amount of water and thus moisture balance is provided. However, a visible improvement in wrinkles is observed.

To whom Salmon DNA is applied

Salmon DNA can be applied to any skin type over 30 years old. To be specific,

– Those with extremely dry and sensitive skin,

– Those who complain of fine wrinkles,

– Those whose skin is dull and lifeless,

– Those who have sagging skin,

– Those who complain about stretch marks and various scars,

– Those who want to reduce the effects of aging,

– Those who want to take good care of their skin and increase collagen production can apply.


– Those who have blood clotting problems,

– Diabetes patients,

– Those with atherosclerosis,

– Heart patients,

– People with a history of stroke,

– Pregnant women should definitely have this procedure done with the permission of a doctor.

What should be considered after the application

Since no symptoms develop on the skin after salmon DNA application, the person can easily return to his daily life. The most important point to be considered is hygiene. The person should take care to keep his face and hands very clean. At the same time, the skin should not be touched with water for the first 24 hours and make-up should not be applied for 2 days.

No problems will arise when it is done by experts and in accordance with hygiene rules.

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