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The Magic of the Seas: Mermaid Core Fashion

Mermaid core offers a unique style by combining powerful and elegant ocean breezes, mythological elements, classic fashion sense and extraordinary aesthetics. How would you like to explore this unique fashion more closely?

Maybe you started researching this new TikTok beauty trend out of mild curiosity, right?

Mermaid core style is a fashion trend dating back to the 1930s and presents a world full of color tones inspired by the depths of the ocean.

Elements such as frilly details, scales, fishing net embroidery and seashells inspired by mermaids are the characteristic features of the mermaid core.

We can attribute the revival of this magnificent fashion trend to the appeal of classic trends and of course the #mermaid hashtags of TikTok beauty hunters.

Details of Mermaid Core Style

Mermaid core fashion is a style full of glamorous designs, bright colors and stunning accessories.

Ruffled skirts and dresses, sequined or sequined pieces, shell and pearl details fit the mermaid core style.

This fashion trend is perfect for those who want to create a fantastic look!

How to Apply Mermaid Core Makeup?

Mermaid core makeup aims for a sparkling and lively look that reflects the beauty of the seas and corals. In skin makeup, you can have wet and shiny skin by using viral makeup trends such as the “jelly donut trick” or the “strobing technique”. You can capture the magical mood of mermaids with illuminating and iridescent effects.

You can achieve the striking “siren eye makeup” effect by using blue, coral and mother-of-pearl tones in eye makeup. You can create an eye-catching look with stone or glitter details in eyeliner and eye springs.

A bright and full lip gloss application on the lips will complement the mermaid core makeup.

We add mermaid core inspired images to inspire you…

Mermaid Eye Makeup



Wet and Bright Skin Makeup



Glitter Lips



Pearl Powder Nails



Sequin Ruffle Clothing



Wet hair



If creating a different and sophisticated look excites you, now is the time to start experimenting with mermaid core makeup! Don’t forget to share your experiences with us!

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