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In the beauty world, a good makeup trick always has its place. For example, the “mascara cocktailing” technique that helps you have the lashes you dream of without eyelash extensions, or the “finger eyeliner” trick that helps you draw a clean line. Not surprisingly, many of these simple techniques were born and evolved in short videos on TikTok. The latest trend that has gone viral lately is “ombré concealer”. This tip, like other time-saving techniques, gives you instant results. Best of all, it’s suitable for everyone; Whether you’re trying to cover up dark circles or just want to make your makeup look better.

From removing redness to covering acne, concealer is a makeup product that can do a lot on its own. If you’re used to using the product to hide your under-eye problems, you’ve probably developed a routine that mixes colors for an accurate, illuminating effect. But this trick takes mixing to a whole new level.

The ombré concealer technique includes four different intertwined colors and is applied starting from the inner corners under the eyes and blending towards the temples. Why so many colors? It’s about creating a tonal look that opens the eyes in a more balanced way… With over 11 million views on TikTok, it’s becoming more than just a trend.

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Here you can learn how to perform this simple step-by-step trick.

What is the ombré concealer technique?

This cheat contains two basic products; concealer and liquid blush, thus achieving a specific look. This trend includes an illuminating concealer, a concealer in a color that matches your skin, and blush in two different colors. Each product is rubbed in an ombré-like pattern and then blended.

The positions you place are almost as important as the colors you choose. The aim is to close the skin, brighten it and give it an innocent look with a single application. But the ombré concealer trick shows off much more than just an ordinary internet trick; it also shows how your makeup can affect the overall appearance of your face. This trick shows people from a different perspective why and how makeup artists apply blush to the upper parts of the face.

What are the benefits of the ombré concealer method?

Don’t underestimate this trend as TikTok content. The ombré concealer method creates several effects, including a natural shine and an overall luminous look. By placing the brightest concealer in the inner corners of the face, you can create a spotlight effect by bringing light to the center of the face, similar to a vignette-style filter.

Similarly, adding blush to this technique has a few advantages. Placing the blush outside of the eyes and up towards the temples creates a lifting effect and also creates a playful accent look.

How to apply the ombré concealer technique?

The other good thing about this popular trick is that you probably already have all the products you need to try it out. Which means that all you really need is the willingness to try this technique with a little guidance…

Step 1: Concealer

You should use a cream and illuminating concealer, about two shades lighter than your skin tone, and draw a small line in the innermost corner of your under eye area. Remember, each product should progress from lightest to darkest as it moves away from your eye. For this reason, you should add a concealer that is compatible with your skin, that is, darker than before, in the next step. For ombre, you can apply the second concealer in the middle of the under eye area, where you usually apply it.

Step 2: Blush

After adding both lines of concealer, it was time to use blush. In this third section, we suggest choosing a lighter and peachy blush. We recommend adding a deeper pink color right next to it. The point of using two different blush colors is to add a nice pop of color to the cheeks and allow it to blend softly with a natural glow.

Step 3: Mixing

Here’s where things can get a little complicated… But you don’t have to be a pro to complete the look. Instead, consistency will be your best bet. With light movements and a dampened beauty sponge, start blending the products outwards, starting from the inner corner. If you extend the blush color outward by blending it up to the top of the cheek bones and towards the temples; You make it look natural.

After everything comes together, you can use a makeup setting spray in the final step to set the look. This is necessary to ensure that its appearance remains smooth and firm throughout the day.

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