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Trend makeup styles of the Z generation!

Color strokes in the hair

The use of different tones on the ends of the hair is a favorite of the Z generation. This hairstyle looks both marginal and cool!

Silver jewelry and metallic tones

Combining a sporty look and elegance, silver jewelry is very fashionable! At the same time, metallic-toned nail polishes are very popular.

Crystal eye makeup

Crystals placed around the eyes are now very popular with young people! Especially the American-made “Euphoria” series must have attracted the attention of young people, and they carried this influence to their styles.

Herringbone braid

Herringbone braid hairstyle is very popular ! In this model, the hair is beautifully combed back and braided in herringbone. In this way, the effect of make-up becomes more prominent.

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