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Under the stairs can disrupt the aesthetic facial anatomy

Medipol Mega University Hospital, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Op. Dr. Ahmet Aydın pointed out that procedures such as botox and filler applied under the stairs can cause permanent deformities. Aydın stated that the interest in non-surgical aesthetic interventions such as botox and filler has increased in recent years “Non-surgical aesthetic interventions such as fillers, botox, prp, mesotherapy can only be performed in a dermatology or Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics environment in clinical, hospital and practice settings. It should be done by a surgeon. It is not legally appropriate to perform these aesthetic interventions in places such as beauty salons, hairdressers, massage parlors

After procedures performed by unsuitable people in inappropriate places “It should be kept in mind that all kinds of problems may arise, especially infection. Patients should not hesitate to question the brand of the material to be used before the procedure, the expiration date and even the diploma of the person who will apply it. However, they must be sure that the material to be applied will be used only for them” said

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Permanent deformities may occur

Even if the applied material is of good quality, incorrect planning of the application doses or insufficient knowledge of the aesthetic facial anatomy may cause these problems. Many problems such as falling and slipping in the corner of the mouth, eyebrow asymmetry, low eyelid that may affect vision and even double vision may occur after applications made with the wrong hands. Correction of these deformations varies from patient to patient.

Especially eyebrow asymmetries can be corrected with small doses of botox applications by experts who have a good knowledge of aesthetic facial anatomy. For situations that cannot be corrected with such small interventions, it is the best decision to wait for the effect of botox for 6-8 months.

The situation in filling applications is different. Many substances, which are brought to our country illegally, whose active ingredient is unknown, and which have not received approval, are applied illegally as cheap aesthetic fillers. Although it is very difficult to correct the results in such cases, it can create permanent deformities.

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