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What are acrylic nails and how to make acrylic nails at home? Prosthetic nail application 2023

A groundbreaking trend has emerged in hand manicure that will be worth the time women spend in hairdressers and beauty centers. This method, called acrylic or prosthetic nails, both lengthens the nails and prevents the problem of nail biting. So what are acrylic nails? How to do acrylic nails at home? How to apply prosthetic nails? All the details are in our article…

Acrylic nail is a prosthetic nail application. Acrylic nails, which will put the fake nails sold in cosmetic stores on the shelf, have many different advantages. This application, which is frequently preferred by women who have difficulty in allocating time for nail care due to their workload in daily life and who want to have permanently strong and well-groomed nails, is one of the innovations that have emerged with the gradual development of the care sectors. This method, which gives your nails a healthy and aesthetic nail appearance, is applied after applying a protector on the person’s own nails. Prosthetic nails, which never damage real nails, do not prevent the real nail from breathing. Prosthetic nails, which people with nail-biting habits should definitely try, are both aesthetic and help you get rid of this habit. People who have sensitive nails, have problems with nail breakage, roughness or cracking on the nails can also try this method.

What are acrylic nails?

This method, which is not suitable for people with fungus on their nails or hands, can only be applied after treatment. There are three different types of prosthetic nails. These;

  • 1. Acrylic nail:It is obtained by mixing a special powder and a special liquid.
  • 2. Gel nail:In this method, a gel is applied to the nail and it is shaped by drying and retouching.
  • 3. Dippig nail:This method is similar to acrylic nails, the difference is that this method is matte and odorless.

how to make acrylic nails



Plastic nail tips in sharp or round shapes
nail tip adhesive
Acrylic nail clippers and file
acrylic liquid
acrylic powder
Acrylic application container
cuticle oil
Acrylic application brush
nail cleaner


First, apply classic nail polish to your nails and shape them with a file.

Then soften and shape the cuticles with cuticle oil.

Then remove any remaining dust and dirt with primer.

Then, you can dip your acrylic application brush into your acrylic liquid, then take the desired acrylic powder with the tip of your brush and apply it to your nail with light movements.

After completing the application, you can clean your nails and apply top coat.

However, this is an application that may require patience at first.

That’s it!

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