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What causes dark lips? How is lip darkening or bruising treated?

Although bruising or darkening on the lips does not adversely affect the daily life of women, it is an area that is desired to be changed aesthetically. Although lip color changes easily with lipstick, it can also be treated naturally. So what causes dark lips?

When the lips are dark purplish, brown or black, it is reasonable to first suspect insufficient oxygen levels in the blood. With this in mind, any of the following factors could have caused this dark discoloration on the lips. Although the darkening or bruising of the lips, which experts often warn about, may cause an aesthetically bad appearance, it can bring serious health problems. As an indicator of any negativity in the body, bruising of the lips is one of these symptoms. Lip darkening and bruising;

  • Anemia or the body’s need for iron,
  • Increased consumption of alcohol, coffee or tea
  • excessive smoking,
  • Being exposed to high degrees of sunlight,
  • Cyanosis (aka oxygen deprivation of the blood)
  • climate change,
  • Some diseases related to lung and blood,
  • Misused cosmetic products
  • Malnutrition,
  • Factors such as deficiency or excess in the ratio of vitamins and minerals cause bruising of the lip.


The primary factor that should be considered in lip bruising is the process. If the bruise lasts for more than one day, the relevant physician should be examined. Medication support is an effective method in this regard.

Some patients can eliminate lip bruising with herbal treatment. After keeping the honey mixture added to the freshly squeezed lemon juice in the fridge for a while, 3-4 times Applying it to the lips is effective in bruising. Similarly, glycerin is known to be effective in lip bruising. Keeping the lip moist is a factor that will reduce the possibility of bruising.

If you have noticed a sudden change in color on your lips, it is best to apply to a health care provider and have the necessary tests done.

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