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What causes facial swelling?

The question of what causes facial swelling is one of the questions that those who have facial edema problems are most curious about. Facial swelling can be caused by many different causes.

The main causes of facial swelling can be listed as follows:

  • Sleeping position: Sleeping in prone and side positions for a long time can cause swelling on the face and around the eyes. To avoid this, you can try to sleep on your back.

  • Excess salt consumption: Consuming salty foods during the day, especially in the evening, can lead to water retention and facial swelling. You can prevent your face from swelling by limiting your salt intake.

  • Allergic reactions: Allergic facial swelling is one of the common problems. Various foods, cosmetics, medications, or allergens such as pollen can trigger facial swelling.

  • Sinusitis: A sinus infection, also known as sinusitis, can cause your face to swell and cause a headache. Swelling due to sinusitis is usually seen around the eyes.

  • Tooth and gum infections:Conditions such as a decayed tooth or gum infection may cause facial swelling due to abscess around the cheek.

  • Other reasons: Medical problems affecting the eyes, such as bacterial or allergic conjunctivitis, thyroid diseases, angioedema, rosacea, can cause facial swelling. For long-lasting facial swelling problem, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor. It is important to consult a health institution as soon as possible, especially in case of sudden facial swelling.

Let’s look at some of the methods that can be good for facial swelling:

  • Editing the sleeping position:For facial swelling caused by the sleeping position, you can try to lie on your back and sleep with your head elevated on a quality pillow.
  • Limiting salt consumption:You can reduce the edema on your face by minimizing your daily salt consumption and by eating a low salt diet, especially at dinner.
  • Cold compress: One of the easiest ways to relieve facial swelling is the application of cold compresses. You can keep a cloth dampened with cold water and squeezed on your face for a few minutes while you are sitting. After cooling the tea bags you use for swelling around the eyes in the deep freezer, you can wrap them in a clean paper towel and put them on your eyes.
  • Facial massage:The use of a facial massage tool made of jade stone or pink quartz, which is known to be good for skin, hair and lymph nodes   It can be effective in removing facial swelling. Massaging your clean skin with gentle, circular motions without pressing too hard can help reduce facial swelling. If you don’t have a facial massager, you can massage your face with your fingertips after your morning skin care routine.

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