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What does Acnemix Gel do? How to use Acnemix Gel? Acnemix Gel price 2023

We have great news for those who have trouble dealing with their acne. Acnemix Gel, which is sold only in pharmacies and should be taken with the recommendation of specialist doctors, relieves acne in a short time. This cream, which is especially good for inflamed acne, also removes acne scars. So what does Acnemix Gel do? How to use Acnemix Gel? What is Acnemix Gel price 2023? You can browse our content to find out.

Acnemix Gel, which is among the most talked about creams of recent days, is frequently mentioned with its very good results. Acnemix Gel, which will be pleased with those who have been dealing with acne problems for a long time, is produced by Bilim Pharmaceuticals Industry and Trade Inc. in Gebze Kocaeli. This gel, which is sold only in pharmacies in round white containers of 46.6 grams, should never be used without a prescription by a specialist doctor. This gel, which is used by people if recommended by dermatologists, has a slightly solid consistency and contains ethyl alcohol. Acnemix Gel, which treats existing acne on the skin and prevents its recurrence, consists of a 1.6 gram plastic tube containing erythromycin, a white stick for mixing and a 6 ml vial containing 70% ethyl alcohol. Since there are 4 parts of the product in it, you can have the mixing process done at the pharmacy.

Acnemix Gel Price

  • The active ingredient of Acnemix Gel is benzoyl peroxide and erythromycin. Its auxiliary substances are purified water, ethyl alcohol, carbomer, lemon essence, sodium hydroxide, methyl salicylate, docusate sodium, polyoxyl lauryl ether.


This gel, recommended by doctors, prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin. In this way, it prevents the formation of new acne. This product, which can also be used by extremely oily skin, balances the oil level of the skin. It indirectly contributes to the passing of acne scars. The most important feature is that it eliminates acne problems.

How is Acnemix Gel Prepared?


At this point, there is an issue that definitely needs attention. You should definitely use the same amount as your specialist doctor recommends. Before applying, you should make sure that your skin is clean. You can apply it twice a day, morning and evening.

Apply the gel on the face and wait for it to dry. You should make sure that you only apply it to the acne-prone area. After drying, you can clean it with warm water. You should take care to wash your hands.

Acnemix Gel Benefits


Current price of this 46.6 gram gel 154.72 TL.

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