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What does Fastgel cream do? How to use Fastgel cream? Fastgel cream price 2022

We are here with another review of a cream sold in the pharmacy. Today’s article What does Fastgel Gel do and how to use Fastgel Gel? We answer your questions. You can find all the details you wonder about Fastjel Gel cream, which is only sold in pharmacies, in this article.

The active ingredient of Fastgel Cream, produced by an Italian pharmaceutical company Menarini ketoprofen is . Fastgel cream, which is usually prescribed by experts for diseases that cause inflammation and pain in the body, Low back pain; It provides a miraculous effect in cases of pain, swelling and inflammation caused by sprains, injuries and crushes caused by accidents and sports injuries. Joint diseases leading to dysfunction; vein inflammatory conditions; This medicine, which you can buy from pharmacies in cases that cause pain and swelling in the musculoskeletal system, also has antipyretic properties. If you are allergic to the active ingredient in this cream, which you should definitely consult your doctor before using, it can cause serious health problems.

Fastgel, which is sold in 50 gram tubes, contains 940 carbomers, triethanolamine, neroli essences, ethyl alcohol, lavender and purified water. It is another feature, also known as non-steroidal, cortisone-free edema remover.


First of all, before using this cream, you should take care to use it as your doctor has prescribed. If you are going to use it other than this, apply the medicine by squeezing enough amount on the area to be treated and massaging with light movements.

Do not take a bath or shower for at least an hour after applying the gel.


FASTJEL is available in packages containing 50 g gel. 2022 price in It is 22,73 TL​.


  • Do not use sunscreens and lotions, insect repellants and other skin products with this medicine during your treatment.
  • Do not use this cream on minors under the age of 14.
  • Do not use on infected, eczema, open wounds, blisters and rashes, and burned skin areas.

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