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What does Sivex Lotion do? How to use Sivex Lotion? Sivex Lotion 2022

We present you the user guide of Sivex Lotion, which experts recommend to those who face acne problem. Does Sivex Lotion really work? What is the price of Sivex Lotion? Does Sivex Lotion have side effects? You can easily find answers to many of your questions from our article.

Sivex Lotion, sold in pharmacies and wondered by many people, is the nightmare of acne due to its active ingredients. This lotion, which acts deeply on acne breakouts with the antibacterial effect of sodium sulfacetamide, is recommended by specialist doctors. Sivex Lotion, which is used fondly because it is in easy-to-use bottles, is used only for acne. You can apply this lotion, which relieves acne, on your acne, as it contains 100 mg of sodium sulfacetamide in each gram. Sivex Lotion, which acts up to the pink bubbles that form under the dense hair follicles on the faces of men, affects not only the area where it is applied, but also around it. Therefore, it will be sufficient to apply it intensively to the area you apply. Since it is a very effective acne lotion, it should be taken on the advice of your specialist doctor.

sivex lotion

Although it is easy to use, you should be careful not to use this lotion too much, which you must apply upon the prescription of your specialist doctor. If you are wondering how to use this lotion, clean the problem area thoroughly with soap and dry it with a napkin. Then apply the lotion as prescribed by your doctor and massage it so that it is absorbed. You should not leave this product when your acne decreases or disappear, you should continue to use it. You can clean the cream that you apply twice a day with water when you wake up.


The state of washing the face shortly after using this lotion is a matter of curiosity. Do not wash your face after applying this lotion, which you use on the hours and days determined by your doctor. If you apply it only at night, you can wake up in the morning and wash your face with water. When you use it during the day, you can wash it after staying for 1 hour.

How to use Sivex lotion


When the price of Sivex Lotion, also known as sivex acne cream, is a doctor’s prescription, the price changes. SIVEX 50 grams lotion The price in 2022 is 46.49 TL​.

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