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What happens if you don’t remove the lens from your eye? A woman did this for 23 days, the result is shocking!

The contact lens video shared by a doctor in the US state of California on social media went viral on the world agenda. A woman wearing contact lenses forgot to take them off at bedtime. When she woke up in the morning, the woman forgot her old lens, put on the new one and continued the day. Finally, his eyes became such that he made his way to the doctor. Dr. Katerina Kurteeva shared her patient, stating that she had never seen such a thing in her 20 years of professional life.

23 lenses output

The doctor removed 23 contact lenses from the forgetful patient’s eyes. Ophthalmologist Dr. Katerina Kurteeva’s video of her removing contact lenses one after another went viral with over a million views.

According to the doctor’s information, the female patient wore a new lens every day for 23 days without removing the old one. The woman applied to the doctor with complaints of pain in her eye and blurred vision. The ophthalmologist described the scene he saw as follows:

– “I was thinking about the possibilities of what might have happened: a broken contact lens piece, a scratch on the cornea, an infection, eyelash or make-up residue. It was only after I did the examination that I could be sure. When I asked the patient to look down, I could see the edges of several contact lenses that were stuck together. When I pulled the lenses out, I could see more. I felt it and asked my assistant to bring my phone to record the extraction.

It was like a deck of cards

-When I asked the patient to look down again, I could see a huge mass of dark purple contact lenses stuck to his eye. It almost looked like a second pupil. I began gently using a cotton swab to separate the lenses one by one, as if I was scattering a deck of cards. Lenses hung down from his eyelids in the form of a chain. There were so many contact lenses that I thought this might be my Guinness Book of Records moment.

I haven’t seen anything like this

-“I have never seen anything like this in my 20 years of professional life. The patient couldn’t believe it either and asked if I was sure of the number I counted.

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