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What happens when we remove sugar from our lives for 30 days?

Many of us know how harmful processed sugar is, affecting memory and cognitive function, and increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But do you know how miraculous effects can be on our body when we do not consume sugar for only 30 days? The secret of youth, vigor and health may be to give up sugar.

First of all, the hour or two after you decide to give up sugar will be quite difficult, prepare yourself for it. Because sugar is addictive and activates the dopamine response in the brain’s reward center like a drug. In the first hours, you may experience sweating, trembling, irritable temper, hunger and sadness. You can reduce these symptoms with fibrous vegetables.

1 day after quitting sugar;

You may experience headaches and decreases in your energy level in the days after you quit sugar, but you should not forget that after quitting sugar, you can see its positive effects on your body from the first day. Sugar feeds harmful microorganisms that can affect your gut health. Cutting out processed sugar helps keep these microorganisms in check.

1 week later;

One week after quitting sugar, your body starts to repair itself quickly. Within 72 hours, other hormones return to normal levels as your insulin levels begin to stabilize. The brightness of the skin increases and the swelling on the face begins to decrease.

after 1 month;

Stable blood sugar level, improved mental clarity, natural weight loss and improved gut health are the most important results that are most clearly observed 30 days after quitting sugar. A healthy gut is known to reduce inflammation in the body and the overall risk for many health problems. At the end of 30 days, you will observe how bright and young your skin looks, your wrinkles visibly reduced and you get rid of acne and pimples.

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