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What is keratin treatment and what are its benefits?

What is keratin treatment?

In fact, the body naturally produces keratin for hair and nails. The reason why your hair is shiny and your nails are alive depends on this keratin. Keratin loading is applied by professionals to hair that has worn out, lost its vitality and dulled due to various reasons. This process, which makes the hair look more alive and healthy, is called keratin care.

What does a keratin treatment do?

Thanks to Keratin care, the hair becomes more lively and brighter. For a few months, problems such as swelling and electrification disappear.

Keratin care benefits

Of course, keratin care not only makes the hair shine, but also contains many benefits for the hair. Let’s move on to what these benefits are;

Smooth and shiny hair: Keratin, which cares for the hair strands one by one, prevents the hair from electrifying and frizz, making it brighter. It also prevents the appearance of broken hair ends.

Long term result: If you take care of your hair care, it will last up to 3-4 months. During this time, your hair will be in a more lively and easily shaped form.

Healthy hair growth: Thanks to keratin, which is already a substance that hair needs, the revitalized hair grows in a healthier way. Strengthening the hair strands prevents breakage and ensures that the hair is well-groomed.

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