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What is Lokalen Cream, what does it do? Localen Cream price 2022

What is local cream? what does it do? You can find answers to many questions such as what are its benefits and how to use it in our article.

Lokalen Ointment (Cream) is a kind of local anesthetic drug containing lidocoin active ingredient. The cream will take effect in 30-60 minutes. Do not scratch, rub, or expose to extreme heat or cold the treated area of ​​skin until the medication wears off. Too large a surface, too frequent application may cause hypersensitivity. There is no restriction on the use of the elderly and people over the age of 65, but it should be used in as low doses as possible.

It is also known locally as pomade among the people. It is the same drug that is meant by local ointment, there is no difference. It is sold in pharmacies in aluminum tubes of 30 grams. It can be purchased from the pharmacy with or without a prescription. It is a skin product that is paid for by the state when prescribed.

It is applied externally (on the skin surface) and has no other use. The license holder and producer of this pomade is Toprak İlaç ve Kimya Maddeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. It is produced in Adapazarı-Sakarya.

  • Do not use any medication without consulting your doctor or pharmacist. Do not forget that the information provided on the internet sites about medicines does not replace the prescription that a specialist will give after examining you.


It relieves itching on the skin for any reason.
It provides regional cohesion by preventing the formation and transmission of neural impulses in the cell membrane.
It is used in the treatment of superficial burns of the skin and mucous membranes.
It is used in the treatment of nipple, anus, lip cracks and pain.
Anesthetic lubricant (lubricant) during tube placement in the trachea (endotracheal intubation)
It relieves redness, pain and itching caused by insect bites.
It relieves itching and pain caused by hemorrhoids.
It treats irritation and pain caused by wear on the skin.


  • -Your doctor has prescribed this cream, use it the same way, or consider the following usage recommendations.
  • -Take a chickpea-sized amount around the problem area and massage it into the skin.
  • – More than 5 grams of this cream should not be used at once. The daily dose should not exceed 17-20 grams.
  • -Can be used several times a day.
  • – Frequent application to a very large surface may cause hypersensitivity, be careful.


Lokalen Pomat (Cream) 30 g, medicine price: Sales price including VAT, announced by IEGM (TİTCK) affiliated to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey as of 11.07.2022 It is 22.23 TL.

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