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What is rose yeast and what does it do? What are the benefits of rose yeast for the skin? Rose yeast recipe

Rose yeast, which has survived from Ottoman culture to the present day, attracts attention with its benefits for the skin. Did you know that you can make rose yeast at home, which attracts the attention of those who use it with its pleasant smell and silky texture on the skin? What is rose yeast and what does it do? What are the benefits of rose yeast for the skin?

One of the heritages of the Ottoman Empire, who did not put anything on their skin that they did not eat, is rose yeast prepared with special recipes. The rose, which has been the symbol of beauty for centuries with its healing power and wonderful scent, was also included in treatments in the field of medicine. It is the natural essential water released into the water by pure clean rose petals, distilled in the exact ratio of the oily turbidity (yeast) obtained during the production of rose oil. There is more rose oil essence in rose yeast than in rose water.

Rose yeast also attracts attention with its completely plant-based formula that does not contain parabens and paraffin. Rose yeast containing essential oils, “Rosa Damascena” It is prepared from a type of rose called. Rose yeast for the skin is obtained by distilling the oily and turbid water (yeast) separated during the production of rose oil in a one-to-one ratio and mixing it with Zamzam water. In other words, it is a water prepared from the natural essence released by rose petals into the water. Rose yeast contains more rose oil essence than rose water.


  • It delays aging and eliminates toxins.
  • It has a cooling and refreshing effect.
  • It helps cure conjunctivitis.
  • It is beneficial for mouth sores and toothaches by gargling.
  • Rose yeast moisturizes, nourishes and repairs the skin.
  • It opens the pores on the skin and reduces the appearance of pores.
  • It has a brightening effect that evens out skin tone.


Rose Yeast is applied to clean skin in the morning and evening. Then it is waited for it to dry.


Place the washed and dried rose petals into a large glass bowl and add the sugar. Mix by crushing with your fingers and continue until the sugar dissolves. Close the lid of the bowl and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Check it by mixing it with your hand in the morning, if the sugar has not dissolved, crush it well and mix it. When you are sure that the sugar is completely dissolved, add lemon juice and mix again. Store the rose yeast you prepared in the refrigerator in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. If you wish, you can store it in the freezer in ziplock refrigerator bags for a very long time. You can prepare it in any size you want by adjusting the amount of sugar according to the amount of roses you use. Do not forget to sterilize jars that will be used for products that will be stored for a long time, such as jam, sauce, pickles or rose yeast.

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