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What is the Jawline ball, how is it applied? What are the benefits and harms?

The jawline ball, also known as the chin exercise ball, has become a highly researched and curious tool recently, where changes in the perception of beauty have been seen. Is it really helpful, is there any harm besides that, how is it applied? All the details about the Jawline ball are in our news.

Jawline is an aesthetic procedure for the jaw line to have a more protruding and sharp stance. As a result of this process, the person is promised to have a more proportional and symmetrical face. In addition, people thought that they could have this appearance without aesthetics. For this reason, the chin exercise ball, which is shown as the equivalent of the jawline aesthetic procedure, has been very popular and has gained an important place in the agenda of those who are interested in the subject, whether it will work or how to use it. The main purpose of this exercise ball is to increase visibility by activating the muscles in the jaw.


It has been said that the Jawline ball contributes to the development and strengthening of the jaw and facial muscles and provides a younger facial appearance. At the same time, it helps to improve the saggy appearance on the face and contributes to the thinning of the face by eliminating excess fat. It also makes the cheekbones more prominent.


The user manual of this product, which is sold by many brands in three different ways as weak, medium and hard, may vary according to each brand, but the general usage is as follows:

  • Jawline ball is taken into the mouth and after making sure that it is placed, it is pressed upwards from the chin by biting for 10 seconds.
  • This practice is performed in 3-4 sets of 15-30 repetitions. It should be interrupted when pain is felt in the jaw.
  • To get a good result, it should be applied every day for a minimum of 6 weeks.


There are some disadvantages as well as benefits. These:

  • Headache: Scientific studies have said that not chewing for a long time can cause headaches.
  • Dental problems: It has been said that it can increase the severity of the condition in individuals with weak and sensitive teeth.
  • Joint disorders: It has been stated that prolonged chewing may lead to deterioration in the jaw joint and muscles.

If you think that chin exercise balls are not for you, you can contribute to the development of your jaw muscles by chewing gum as an alternative.

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