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What is the reverse hair washing method?

We like to try new methods of hair cleaning. The topic of the day is the “reverse hair washing” technique! We’ve heard before that reverse hair washing is beneficial, and now it’s time to put this method into practice. Get ready to discover what the reverse hair washing method is, how it is applied and the benefits it provides. Reverse Hair Washing Technique: A New Approach

The reverse hair wash technique involves using hair care products in an unusual order. First, conditioner is applied and then shampoo is used. This method will give your hair a different touch and you will see how effective it can be when you try it. It may seem strange at first glance, but we should state that those who tried this method saw the positive effect on their hair.

The purpose of using conditioner first in the reverse hair washing technique is to make the hair soft and shiny. Afterwards, you can use shampoo to reduce the weight caused by the conditioner. Thus, the hair gains a voluminous and fuller appearance. We think it’s definitely a hair care technique worth trying.

Benefits of Backwashing Hair

  1. Shine and Softness: In the reverse hair washing method, the hair looks soft and shiny because the conditioner is used first. With the shampoo phase, the shine of the hair increases even more. We can say that it will have softer and shiny hair compared to the traditional hair washing method.
  2. Cleaning Without Weight: The shampoo used after the conditioner cleans the cream residues on the scalp. In this way, the hair does not become heavy and the pores are not clogged. By using shampoo after conditioner, you can make your hair look livelier and lighter.
  3. Long Term Humidification: Hair stays moist for a longer period of time as conditioner and then shampoo are used in reverse hair washing technique. Hair gains a full and moist appearance. Moisturizing before cleaning supports the hair to look healthy and lively for longer.
  4. Controlled Oil Balance: People with oily hair often encounter the problem of getting oily fast after conditioner. Reverse hair washing technique can reduce this problem. It may be possible to remove conditioner residue and ensure that the conditioner prevents the oiliness that is often experienced. Especially those with thin and oily hair should try this method.

Who Is Reverse Hair Wash Suitable For?

Reverse hair washing method is suitable for almost all hair types. With this method, you can give vitality to oily hair, thin hair and hair that quickly fades and becomes dull. If you think that the pores are clogged frequently or you have dandruff problem, reverse hair washing method can support your scalp.

However, you should think carefully before applying this method for dyed or treated hair for the first few weeks. You should consider that the conditioner can increase the chemical residues on the hair strands after the treatment. For this reason, you can first choose the classic hair washing method for treated hair.

How to Do Reverse Hair Wash?

  1. Step 2: Applying Conditioner

Wet your hair with lukewarm water and apply conditioner. Spread the cream towards the ends of the hair, not the roots.

  1. Step 2: Using Shampoo

After the conditioner, the use of shampoo begins. Take a hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo in your palm and apply it to your hair from the roots. Cleanse by spreading the shampoo through the lengths and ends of the hair.

  1. Step: Rinse

Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water after a reverse hair wash. Remember, hot water can dry out the hair. Rinsing your hair with cold or lukewarm water helps you have shiny and healthy hair.

Reverse Washing and Oily Hair

Reverse hair washing method is especially suitable for oily hair. It cleans the excess oil accumulated in oily hair and provides relief to the scalp. If you think that your hair is getting more oily after the conditioner, it is useful to try the reverse hair wash method.

How Often Should You Apply Backwashing?

You can apply the reverse hair washing method every time you wash your hair. You know you have to wash your hair every day, right?

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