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What is the use of narcissus soap, which is expensive compared to other soaps?

The narcissus flower can be defined as one of the most sensitive flowers, which has the most beautiful smell among the flowers. It is a kind of flower that wilts very quickly and its flowers and stems are also very delicate. The benefits of the narcissus flower do not end with counting. Thanks to its wonderful smell, it helps to open nasal congestion. Drinking the narcissus flower by boiling or consuming it by boiling it prevents vomiting and absorbs the moisture in the stomach. In addition, soap is made from the narcissus flower, which is also used in skin care.

This soap is mainly pure organic olive oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, coconut oil, palm oil, palm oil, jojoba oil, glycerin, honey, oatmeal, goat’s milk, vanilla essential oil, calendula essential oil. It is made with natural ingredients such as essential oil of lavender, lavender essential oil, rose essential oil, jasmine essential oil. In addition, other essential oils, dried herbs, dried flowers and spices can be added as desired. This natural soap exhibits gentle and moisturizing properties for dry and sensitive skin. For long-term use, the calendula flower is dried and ground.

The benefits of narcissus soap

Narcissus soap moisturizes the skin in general

Gently cleans, softens, provides a complete care to the skin. Its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties ensure that the skin is cleaned of all germs, fungi and bacteria. It destroys fungi on the skin. It also treats nail fungus, athlete’s foot and genital fungus.

Pure calendula soap is very rare and expensive

It has a rich floral and green aroma and is used in premium soaps. It has a rich floral and green aroma. Pure ones are very concentrated. This soap has aphrodisiac properties. Moreover, it prevents hair loss and treats baldness.

The soothing and stimulating effect of this natural soap is good for the digestive system

It reduces spasms of the respiratory and nervous systems. It also treats chest congestion, spasmodic coughs, shortness of breath, muscle cramps, asthma, spasmodic diarrhea, convulsions and various nervous disorders and helps to provide great relief.

How to use narcissus soap?

Apply Narcissus soap on your wet face, wet body and wet hair by lathering and massaging. Then rinse with warm water.

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