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What is Thiocillin, what is it used for, what does it do? Thiocilline cream 2023 price

We have searched for answers to questions such as what is Thiocilline cream, which is used on the skin and has antibacterial properties, how it is used, what are its side effects, what is its equivalent, what is its price, what are its features, what effects it has on the skin.

Thiocilline cream is an eye ointment that is available as 5 grams of white ointment in a tube and is used to control various inflammatory and microbial conditions and injuries in the eye. This cream, whose active ingredients are Bacitracin and Neomycin, is an antibiotic effective against many bacteria. It is a topical antibacterial agent used for the treatment of superficial ocular infections caused by sensitive microorganisms. This drug is generally used in infected wounds, burns, vaccinations, ulcers, pyoderma, skin and tissue inflammation, impetigo, scabies, pediculosis, tinea pedis, foot fungus, contact dermatitis and secondary infected skin lesions of allergic dermatitis. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the medicine, do not use it.

Consult your doctor before using this product for serious skin injuries (such as deep wounds or puncture wounds, animal bites, severe burns). A different treatment may be required for these types of conditions.


This medicine is for use on the skin only. Be sure to apply this cream by following the doctor’s instructions.

Wash your hands before use. Clean and dry the affected area. Later, usually a day 1 to 3 times or as directed by your doctor, apply a thin layer of cream to the affected area and rub gently. You can cover the area with a sterile bandage. Wash your hands after applying the cream.


The current price of this cream is 48.00 TL.

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