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What is Arbutin Serum?

Arbutin serum is an active ingredient among skin care products. It is generally used to lighten skin blemishes, equalize skin tone, eliminate pigmentation problems and generally obtain a brighter skin.

Arbutin is a compound naturally found in some plants and especially in high amounts in fruit extracts. This substance helps regulate the production of melanin in the skin and thus contributes to the reduction of blemishes on the skin and the improvement of skin tone.

What Does Arbutin Serum Do?

  1. Removes Blemishes: Arbutin helps reduce blemishes on the skin. It especially lightens the appearance of pigmentation problems such as sunspots, age spots and acne scars.
  2. Evens Skin Tone: Arbutin makes the skin tone more homogeneous and helps the skin look brighter and more vibrant.
  3. Regulates Melanin Production: Melanin is one of the main causes of pigmentation in the skin. Arbutin helps control skin color changes by regulating melanin production.
  4. Antioxidant Effect: Arbutin has antioxidant properties and protects skin cells against free radicals.

What Ingredients Are Used With Arbutin Serum?

Arbutin serum is often used in combination with other skin care products. Here are some common ingredients:

  1. Vitamin C: When used with arbutin, it can increase the skin lightening effect and support antioxidant protection.
  2. Hyaluronic acid: May help retain skin moisture and strengthen the skin barrier.
  3. Glycolic acid or lactic acid: When used with arbutin, it can help regenerate skin cells and contribute to the rapid disappearance of blemishes.
  4. Sunscreen: It is important to use sunscreen products when using arbutin, as arbutin can sensitize the skin and protect against sunspots.

What Ingredients Should Not Be Used with Arbutin Serum?

Before using Arbutin serum, it is important to seek advice from a dermatologist or specialist, taking into account your skin type and sensitivity.

Additionally, using arbutin should be avoided in the following cases:

  1. Skin Sensitivity: If your skin is sensitive, you should test before using arbutin serum and check for adverse reactions.
  2. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Using arbutin should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  3. Skin Irritations: If you have active infections, burns, or irritations on your skin, you should not use arbutin.

How to Use Arbutin Serum?

It is important to follow the following steps when using Arbutin serum:

  1. Cleansing: Gently cleanse and dry your skin.
  2. Toner: Prepare your skin using a toner.
  3. Arbutin Serum: Apply the serum to your face and neck area. Adjust the dosage according to the product’s instructions for use.
  4. Waiting: After applying Arbutin serum to your skin, wait a few minutes and let it absorb.
  5. Moisturizer: Use a suitable moisturizer after the serum is absorbed.
  6. Sun Protection: Don’t forget to use sunscreen during the day. Arbutin can make your skin sensitive, so sun protection is important.

When and how often is it used?

Arbutin serum is generally used once a day. Most people include it in their evening routine because it is believed that skin renewal is greater at night.

However, some people may prefer to use it in the morning. It would be best to follow the instructions on the product label and your dermatologist’s recommendations.

How many times a week you should use it depends on how the product responds to your skin type and sensitivity.

You can start using it a few times a week initially and then increase the frequency according to your skin’s tolerance.

As a result, arbutin serum is an effective skin care product to lighten skin blemishes and even out skin tone. However, it is important to consult an expert to ensure its use is appropriate for your skin type and needs.

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