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2020 trends in decoration

The trends of 2020 in decoration take the stage at ZUCHEX! New developments in technology and increasing awareness of sustainability are already shaping the trends of the next year. In the Turkish household and kitchenware industry, we will see colors that display the harmony of nature and technology next year.

Simple and basic tones are in fashion in 2020

– While simple and basic tones gain weight in 2020 design trends, primary colors will It is expected to be Mint Green and Lilac. In addition, we will see turquoise, green and blue tones frequently in next year’s products.

– Mint Green, which creates a simple, minimal and sense of trust in design, also expresses the harmony between technology, science and nature. Mint Green, which contains both futuristic and natural elements, is expected to inspire retro-futuristic lines in decoration trends.

– Lilac, a rare color in nature, combines the calmness of blue and the energy of red. Lilac, which has a calming and soothing effect, stands out as an ideal color for creating creative designs.

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