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2023 Best 7 Floor Lamp Models Illuminating Almost Every Area

Choosing one of the best floor lamps from a seemingly endless array of floor lamps can seem like a daunting task. After all, there are many factors involved in making a solid floor lamp that should ideally add style while illuminating almost any space in your home. We have brought together the best 2023 floor lamp models to inspire you to choose lamps.

Prioritizing how you use a piece will determine the height, number and type of bulbs and even the design of the lamp. For example, if you are choosing a floor lamp for a reading nook, you want the lampshade to be at eye level, about 75 cm above the ground, but of course this height will vary depending on the chair used. You also want your reading nook floor lamp to have a shade rather than a bare bulb to reduce glare. Most importantly, how much light does the lamp need to produce? This will determine the shade type and the number and type of bulbs.

To make your shopping easier, let’s share the best options on the market right now…

Top 7 Floor Lamp Models

1. Best General Floor Lamp Model​

2. Best Cheap Floor Lamp Model​

3. Best Modern Model

4. Best Industrial Style Floor Lamp

5. Best Farm, Cottage Style Lamp

6. Best Arc Lamp

7. Best Adjustable Dimmable Led Floor Lamp

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