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Different decoration suggestions for summer houses

conveying her suggestions for summer houses where a spacious and dynamic appearance is aimed in decoration Interior Architect Eda Tahmaz said that the energy can be increased with vibrant colors to be used at different points in interiors where white is generally dominant, and at the same time, the desired white wood in material selection. He emphasized that while a light appearance can be achieved, the poolside and garden designs, which are seen as a socializing area outdoors, are at least as important as indoor decoration.

Trend colors of the season

As the color that best reflects the light, the white color that is often preferred in summer home decoration is larger and more spacious than it is. Eda Tahmaz states that it is the right choice for decoration because of its unique appearance, and states that we can increase the energy in the space by choosing vibrant colors such as green, purple, red, and indigo in accessories and textile products. According to Tahmaz, who states that a marine theme can also be brought into the decoration with blue and white patterned textile products or furniture, yellow, which brings the sun into the space, will enchant decoration lovers this summer.

Lighting elements with yellow details, yellow objects or a yellow pouf will make the atmosphere in the space more sincere. Stating that animal prints and especially zebra and leopard patterns will be popular, the interior architect believes that the zebra patterned wallpaper to be preferred on a single wall will add a stylish look to the space.

Natural stones are in fashion again

Tahmaz , which has taken care of the use of natural materials in all of its projects so far, summer house While sharing his tips that white wood, which can be preferred for floor coverings and furniture for homes, will leave its mark on the season, he emphasizes that the use of natural stone will never be outdated, and that the plain and light appearance that marble brings to interiors is indispensable especially for summer houses.

Poolside tips

In the poolside areas that integrate with the houses, open hot tub areas with hydromassage integrated with the pool are also created, allowing all family members to Stating that they are allowed to spend more time together, the interior architect said that furniture made of sun and water resistant, non-fading and stain-proof fabrics should be used in poolside areas; He says that the pleasure of the pool can be increased even more with an open-air room designed with an awning, parasol or teak wood canopy.

According to the interior architect, who states that a friendly and comfortable poolside atmosphere can be created with the outdoor sofas, cushions and poufs you place in your outdoor room, especially with sun-drenched daybeds. glass mosaics, ceramic tiles or natural stones can be used. A very lively and natural look can be achieved with imported glass mosaics, natural colors and patterns. Antislip, that is, non-slip natural stones and tiles, on the other hand, create a safe floor for areas at risk of slipping and around the pool. Teak woods, wicker weaves or rattan textures will create a harmonious and balanced integrity in your furniture choices for the poolside.

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