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frame hanging art

If you don’t know how to organize the photos and artworks that adorn our home, the keeper of memories, the solution to this problem is exactly where you want your eyes to focus. Remember that placing frames is also an art.

Create a focal point

Creating a group of photos or artwork is a good idea to create an attractive focal point. For this, first of all, put what you want to hang on the wall and decide what you want to come together and the form you will create with frames on the wall. Thus, you can easily move each piece without drilling extra holes on the wall, and you can easily change the places of the pieces until you get the shape you want.

Arrange asymmetrically

If you use dissimilar pictures or tables of different styles by combining them in an asymmetrical way, you will achieve a natural balance. Symmetrically arranged paintings are unique to art galleries. Remember, your home reflects your character and choices, where you make the rules.

Reinforce the sense of experience

Putting a few of the frames on the wall without hanging them both adds dynamism to the space and increases the sense of experience in the environment. As much as your space allows, you can put some paintings on the floor and lean them against the wall, as in the photo, you can place them on wooden wall borders or thin shelf systems. So when you get bored, you can easily change their places.

Let your wall inspire you

Every color, every form and every object you use in the decoration of your home should create a harmony in the overall whole. The paintings you hang on your walls interact visually with the objects around them. As you can see in the photo, a wall setup that displays different frames and works together creates an atmosphere of high energy. Working by turning your face to such a wall will increase your dose of inspiration.

Bring your memories to life

Decorating your wall with photo frames of your precious memories is an element that makes your space sincere while personalizing it. In such a corner, where you will set up with attractive black and white photographs, framing the photographs using a mat and including the same type of frames in order to achieve harmony in the overall whole will create a balanced composition.

Create Contrast

If you have a modern, plain or minimal decoration style, contemporary artworks and sculptures will support the general fiction. But on the other hand, a wall that you will create with embossed antique frames and classical choices will draw attention by creating contrast in the general whole.

Capture the harmony between objects

The golden rule in display arithmetic is to catch the harmony between the exhibits. According to Feng Shui, glass material, which symbolizes the water element, expresses wisdom and emotions in the space. A glass lighting with artistic forms that you will place in front of your frames will create a harmonious harmony with the background behind it. Brass bordered frames with chain hangers like in this photo are the new favorite of decoration lovers. A nice alternative for displaying dried flowers, leaves or a feather that fell on your shoulder while walking on the road.

Be careful with your choice of glass

The glass you will use for framing photographs or drawings should be matte so that it does not reflect the light on it from the glass. The use of mats, on the other hand, will highlight your work as a factor that increases focus and separation when viewed from the opposite side of the work. Attention! It is important that the wall on which you will hang your frames is one color. The frames you will place on a patterned wallpaper will create a visual mess.

Increase the dose of creativity

Pasting pictures that you like and cut from posters, posters, illustrations or magazines on your wall without framing them will create a more dynamic and youthful spirit in the space. will add. You can even make a geometric work with colored or black adhesive tapes as seen in the photo, thus giving the wall a three-dimensional depth.

Solve in a practical way

If you have a suitable dresser, console or bench on the wall, you can put your frames on it and create an aesthetic appearance without drilling holes in the wall. you can catch. In addition, decorative objects and plants that you will put next to the frames will take on the task of enriching your decoration setup as auxiliary players.

(This article was originally published on oggusto.com.)

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