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Lighting tips for the best home decor

The most important part of decoration is lighting. It is very important in terms of both appearance and comfort. Because we use a room in different ways during the day . It is useful for the kitchen to be bright while we cook, but a dim light is sufficient to drink a glass of water at night. We can choose lighting products for this type to , by bringing to mind that there may be different types of usage in every room.

We can consider lighting in 3 stages

1. Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the use of a general lighting source, sufficient for the entire room. Daylight from the window or ceiling lamp are light sources that provide ambient lighting.

Chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, g ö mme / concealed ceiling lights, large floor lamps can be used with this purpose . These are usually strong light sources and the light is evenly distributed throughout the room. Making general lighting with yellow or white light depends on your preference. The important thing is to choose lamps that save energy and consume less energy . Yellow light lovers should not forget that fluorescent lamps are produced not only in white but also in different colors.

Most homeowners make the mistake of finishing their home lighting here after doing this basic lighting. However, having a ceiling lamp in every room is not sufficient for correct lighting . Adding the other two stages to the lighting plan would contribute greatly to the home.

2. G ö rev Illumination

As it is called g ö rev illumination, reading, ç in your works such as getting used to, doing handicrafts, cooking, applying make-up, , especially g , it will not tire your eyes and will make your work easier, by providing sufficient light ö is revived. Lighting types such as

table lamps , pendant lamps , reading lamps, lampshades, dressing table lamps, bench lamps , bathroom cabinet lamps are included in this group.

After arranging the ambient lighting in the rooms, you can prepare a list of what to do in each room to determine where g ö rev lighting will be needed. By looking at this list, you can see which situations you need extra lighting and how to add to the room more easily .

3. Accent Lighting

It’s time to create a special atmosphere at home to , to lighting touches. Accent lighting is effective in determining the atmosphere of the house and . You can bring out a corner or object that you love at home with accent lighting ö .

accentuate your favorite accessories, highlight the architectural features of the house, and even hide the corners of the house that you want to keep out of sight You can use the lighting.

Spotlights, interior er interior home lamps, candles, niche lighting, dimmer switch lamps, wall sconces, cabinet interior interior interior lighting are ö examples that can be used in accent lighting.

Tips for good lighting

  • Put lighting products at different points, at different heights. Instead of three chandeliers lined up on the ceiling, various light sources such as a ceiling lamp, a pedestal lamp and a lampshade are both more useful and make the house look more beautiful .

  • Let the separate b lights of the room illuminate with different amounts of light so that the light does not tire the g . Hi ç one g ö Think of office floors where there is no room for the image. You don’t want your house to look like b ö with g ö . Therefore, do not worry that every part of the room will be illuminated equally lp .

  • Remember that you need the light in kitchen lighting more when working on the counter or checking the food on the stove, not in the middle of the kitchen. Don’t neglect G ö rev and accent lighting.

  • Having lamps above and on both sides of the mirror in the bathroom eliminates the g ö light problem when looking at the mirror. It makes your job a lot easier while applying makeup or shaving.

  • By replacing the electrical switches in the house with dimmer switches, you can easily adjust the intensity of the light at home ok You can create the atmosphere.

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